10 Free Software Developer Training Courses for Non-Techy Graduates

What free Software Developer Training Courses should you take to kick-start your graduate career?

Software developer training can be expensive, so we’ve compiled a list of free courses that are perfect for non-Computer Science graduates who want to upskill and learn to code.

University may give us a shiny degree, but it does not give us the practical skills we need to start an innovative career in tech.

Getting practical experience can be as likely as getting struck by lightning – thank you, coronavirus – but, you can take things into your own hands and use your free time to upskill.

And what better field to upskill in than software development? Jobs have been steadily booming for years, and will continue to do so. By taking some of these free courses, you can make your CV more competitive and your portfolio more interesting.

LinkedIn Learning – Introduction to Web Design and Development

If you want to learn what a software developer is and the basics of how they do what they do, this free course is for definitely for you.

If you dedicate an afternoon to this, by the evening you will have the essential knowledge you need to build a website.   

LinkedIn Learning is often free through your university, and alternatively, there is a one month free trial for first-time users. After completing the course you can add the achievement to your LinkedIn Profile, so it’s even more visible to employers.

edX and Harvard University – CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science

This introductory course takes beginners on an intense 12-week journey, teaching coding languages and concepts and offering practical experience. You will end the course with a dynamic final project that you can add to your portfolio, and essential industry knowledge that will hugely benefit your career.

This course is free, but for £71 you can also receive a certificate upon completion.

FreeCodeCamp – Free Guides and Courses

This website is a one-stop-shop for any budding web developer. You can find a whole range of courses on coding for both front and backend development, from Quality Assurance to Scientific Computing with Python.

You can also build projects for your portfolios and for non-profit organisations along the way.

SkillShare – CSS Masterclass

Every web developer has to be a CSS expert, and this course will make you one. It contains more than 170 video tutorials where you can learn everything from creating animations to building a responsive website.

You can take quizzes and ask the instructor questions, so you can really test yourself and get the most out of your learning. You will finish the 12 hour course with a certificate to prove your skills.

Skillshare offers a 2 month free trial for new users.

Udemy – Master the Basics of HTML5 and CSS3: Beginner Web Development

Udemy’s free 3 hour masterclass is another one that’s perfect for beginners. You will learn how to create and edit your own web pages using HTML and CSS coding. These skills are fundamental to a successful career in web development.

Code Academy – Web Development

This course is a big one, but with some dedication you can power through all the lessons and become an incredibly well-rounded, employable developer.

You will first learn how to design and create a website, also known as frontend development, using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You will then move on to backend development, and finish the course with multiple projects to add to your portfolio.

Sign up for a free trial and consider asking your university if they can fund your learning.

FutureLearn, University of Leeds and the Institute of Coding – Creating a Great User Experience for Mobile Apps.

Once you’ve mastered website design, taking a crack at app development has to be the next step. This course will teach you how the professionals are creating the apps we use everyday, and how to build one yourself. You will make sketches and turn them into digital prototypes, and eventually, your own app.

Alison – Diploma in Visual Basic Programming – Revised

An alternative to the FutureLearn course is this one on Alison, which will teach you how to build applications for Windows using Visual Basic. You will learn how to write your first lines of code and create a fantastic user experience.

Google – Progressive Web Apps Training

This course is for web developers that are already familiar with HTML and CSS. It will teach you how to convert website pages into progessive web applications that are built for high engagement and a fantastic user experience.

DigitalGrads – Software Development Training

This course is essential for anyone considering a career in software development. You will learn what it’s like to work as a developer from experts in the industry, along with the soft skills needed to succeed.

Sign up here to become a DigitalGrad and access the software developer training course, for free.

DigitalGrads Software Development Training
Free software developer training course by DigitalGrads

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