10 Tips to Make the Job Search Less of a Full-Time Job…

Now we know searching for that first job after graduation is not many people’s definition of a good time.

Believe me we’ve all been where you are, sending out copious amounts of CVs, to hear nothing in return.

Job hunting is usually tedious and time-consuming. So, we have comprised a handy list of things which will help make the job search as ‘enjoyable’ as possible.

1. Build a portfolio

A portfolio is a creative and professional way to showcase your talent. Use this time to create a free or low-cost portfolio which you can then attach to any applications you submit.

Get creative and showcase your best work!

Read our blog on ‘How to Create an Online Portfolio’ for handy hints and tips.

2. Write a skeleton cover letter

Now we’re not saying to use one cover letter for every job you apply for. BUT, having a skeleton cover letter which you then tailor for each position saves valuable time.

You want to keep your cover letter short- don’t waste your time or the employers by writing a 3- paged cover letter (half a page – to a page is just right)

We know writing a cover letter might be the bane of your job search. Click here for ‘How to Write a Cover Letter 101!

3. Don’t spend AGES fine-tuning your CV

Psst… The secret employers don’t want you to know: there’s no such thing as a perfect CV!

Most employers want to get to the heart of your previous experience so don’t spend ages perfecting your CV.

Just make sure that it is error-free, there’s nothing worse than a spelling mistake!

4. Get help

As recent graduates, there are lots of organisations which are currently offering free online courses. This is a great opportunity to get certified and prove to employers that you are proactive in learning new things.

Here at DigitalGrads we offer fully-funded training programs for those of you interested in pursuing a career in tech. From email marketing to web development – it’s time to get tech-savvy.

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5. Keep track of where you are

It’s easy to get lost in the job search. So, make sure you’re keeping track of your applications, and which jobs you’ve applied for.

We recommend creating an Excel document of:

  • The company
  • Your application date
  • Which stage you are currently at

Maybe you’re waiting to hear back; received an interview date, or received a rejection. Either way, keep track of your job search and write down the reasons why you were rejected so you can improve for the next time.

It’s easy to be dishearted at the sight of rejection, but it is an opportunity to learn and improve. It wasn’t the job for you and that’s okay!

6. Step away from the computer

Though nowadays most jobs are found online – spending copious hours staring at a screen is no good for anyone.

Take a breather. Go for a walk and return with fresh eyes.

Annoyingly – there’s no perfect formula to finding that ideal job. Spend as much, or as little, time scouring the internet as suits you. But… don’t waste days starring at the screen!

7. Network on social media

LinkedIn is a brilliant way to build your network and keep your eyes peeled for new opportunities.

With that in mind, make sure that your LinkedIn account is up to date and targeted specifically towards the jobs you’re interested in.

For how to create the perfect LinkedIn Profile click here!

8. Transform yourself

Whether you’re unemployed or simply seeking that first proper grad job, this is a great chance to reinvent yourself.

Decide what you want to do, then get some experience. Whether that’s volunteering or networking, getting a taste for the different roles out there is always a step in the right direction.

9. CELEBRATE the small victories!

Throughout the job hunt, keep track of your successes!
Whether that be getting called for an interview or landing work – it’s time to celebrate!

10. Remember… everyone is on a different timeline!

 The right job is out there for you. There’s no deadline for finding the perfect job, so don’t rush and settle for the first that comes along.

Finding the ideal job is hard. But it also presents a lot of opportunities for personal growth and training. Use this time to gain experience, anything you add on your CV will help you in the long run.

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