10 Websites Every Marketer Should Read (and Why)

The Internet provides so much useful information, which is accessible to everyone with an Internet connection. For digital marketers in particular, it provides valuable industry-related information that helps hone their skills and improve their marketing strategies.

The marketing industry is constantly evolving and staying informed is essential for contemporary marketers. Fortunately, there are websites that offer informative and useful information that is updated regularly, which marketers can use to stay on top of their game. Here is a list of 10 websites that every marketer should take time to read:

Content Marketing Institute


If you’re looking to get updated each day on content marketing related news, then CMI is the way to go. Content Marketing Institute (CMI) updates daily to ensure their readers don’t miss out on any important industry related news.

As well as their useful content, CMI has a large online community. CMI also hosts live events and publishes a magazine, so if you’re looking for helpful tips on content marketing, it’s definitely worth taking a look at. After all, they have coined the term “content marketing”.


Contently is more than just a content marketing company; it not only offers useful information on content marketing strategies, but also provides software that helps other businesses create valuable content.

Their blog, The Content Strategist, offers guides, courses and informative content that can be of great value to any digital marketer. An easy blog to navigate, it has marketing news from across Europe.



One of the greatest companies in the industry is HubSpot. They offer useful information about nurturing and developing leads.

Their content is updated every day and they have three blogs – agency, marketing and sales. HubSpot has a great number of guest posters that offer industry insight. If you’re looking for advice on how to create a successful inbound marketing campaign, HubSpot is definitely the place to visit.

MOZ – The Moz Blog

MOZ is one of the greatest information hubs when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). Their blog offers information about SEO that is suitable for everyone from beginners to experts.

Aside from their valuable content, the Moz blog offers a unique insight into Google’s algorithm updates and explanations on how to better understand them.

Four Dots

Digital marketers who’re looking for in-depth information about industry specific topics such as SEO, link building, digital and content marketing, etc. should definitely read the Four Dots blog. Four Dots is an agency that deals with hundreds of clients each day and shares its knowledge.

The information provided by the Four Dots blog is very helpful for every digital marketer and graduating marketing student, because you get to learn about the industry from the experts who are giving their first-hand experience. The blog contains a wide variety of case studies and industry-related information that is informative and educational, as well as entertaining to read.

Neil Patel

Every digital marketer in need of advice on SEO and digital marketing should read Neil Patel’s posts. He is a man with a vast knowledge about the industry and his website contains a lot of in-depth and step-by-step guides that will come in handy for any marketer.

Neil Patel’s three blogs look at building web traffic, content marketing, and conversion rate optimisation. You will not believe how much marketing-related content this man puts out!

Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner is one of the largest hubs for social media marketing information. They offer a wide variety of detailed guides, instructions and explanations on effective ways to promote content and market on social media. Their content also contains detailed video guides, images and infographics.

Social Media Explorer


This website will help marketers with tips and advice on how to create useful and fresh content in order to successfully promote it on social media channels. They also offer valuable information on how to effectively build an online presence on social media and networks.

Social Media Explorer will offer great information to marketers on how to fully utilize the potential of social media marketing.



Buffer has the unique expertise in social media publishing. They offer marketers detailed information on social media. They also analyse companies and people who use social media for marketing and offer insight into what is good about those campaigns, so marketers can take notes on what is working in social media marketing today.

Google Inside AdWords


A search engine giant that offers wisdom to marketers is an opportunity you should not miss out on. Google is shaping the industry, so reading their posts is a good way to stay informed. Although, AdWords usually contains posts about Google products, it also contains valuable information on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing, as well as useful tips and advice for application marketing.

Every digital marketer that wants to improve their skills or get new ideas should take advantage of the wealth of information on the sites above.

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