4 Tips To Ace That Second Interview – From A Professional Speaker

As a digital marketer, you’re expected to walk the talk. But often, it’s just as important to talk the walk.Digital marketers need to know their game. Perhaps more importantly still, they need to know how to TALK about their game.Sounds pithy, but it isn’t. Let’s drill a bit further.Here’s the scenario: You’ve made it past the guillotine and are into your second interview. Your interviewer has asked you to present a sample digital plan to show what you can do for the company.You’ve spent hours and days agonising over the plan. You’re ready. But now it’s actually time to go ace that interview. Here are a few tips – tried and tested in the field by someone who interviews CEOs, and speaks in public, for a living.

1. Know what you’re going to say

You’ve prepared your plan. Now it’s time to prepare what you’re going to say. Don’t leave that to chance. I’d recommend something called the bite, snack and meal approach. Depending on how hungry your interviewer is for information, you can offer up a quick bite, a heftier snack, or a complete main course. Have all three practiced and at your disposal.

The bite

Nutshell your plan, with its benefits, inside of 30 seconds. This is your elevator pitch. Make sure you include the thought process behind your plan in the first 15 seconds.

The snack

A slightly more detailed summation. The snack should only be around a minute and a half of talking. Ninety seconds go by far faster than you’d imagine, so time yourself. Make sure you’re including the highlights, and your reasoning.

The meal

This is the big main course, and the payoff. It’s where you take your audience through your plan, and what it wants to achieve, and how you’d go about it.

2. Structure, structure

Our minds are terrible with randomness. Research shows we absorb and process information far better in the form of stories. So do yourself, and your interviewer, a favour when presenting, and structure your tale well. Here’s a structure that might help:

Present your insights

The insights you relied upon to create your plan. These are very important – because interviewers want to know how you think and reason through things. Of course, seeing as you haven’t yet been hired, you won’t have the detailed data that the brand collects – so it’s absolutely okay to make deductions backed by observation.

Make it about business goals

Your brand insights will have ideally led you to what the business would like to achieve – such as the audiences the brand would like to connect with, any gaps in the digital strategy that you’d like to address, and the objectives you’d like to achieve. Businesses don’t talk digital for the sake of it. The want to know how digital will help them. So link your plan very clearly to business goals like growth, ROI, sales, or brand love.

Transition to the strategy and the plan

This is where you get into the meat and potatoes of things, and talk about audiences, demographics, segmentation, content marketing, brand building, digital ads, and what have you. This is where you take your audience through your genius, and all the work you’ve put in. Tie it back to your stated objectives, and what the business wants to achieve.

A nice neat wrap

Remember how we spoke about the bite, snack and meal approach? Wind up with a succinct summation of what you wanted to do, how you went about doing it, and what you think it’ll achieve for the business.

3. Watch out for nerves

Nerves have an interesting effect on how we speak. Adrenaline floods through our system. Muscles tighten up. We start speaking faster. We start relying on rapid shallow breaths to power our larynx, which means the pitch of our voice goes high and screechy.

But if you know that might happen, you can prepare for it. Pitch lower. Talk slower. Practice a lot, and go slow in practice. That way, your presentation still works even if it speeds up under interview pressure.

4. Play it out in your head

Your brain can’t always tell the difference between real and make-believe. Use that to your advantage. Picture yourself acing that interview. Practice your spiel in your head. Imagine the questions you’ll be asked and choreograph the confident answers you’ll give. Come up with strategies for when you fluff a question.

Remember though that people can get locked into anxiety-inducing scenarios and get carried away. So don’t get stuck in a loop – just use your head space to rehearse. Now, go out there and win.

Have I missed out a tip? Or have questions or concerns? Get in touch in the comments below!

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