4 tips to get the best digital marketing job before you graduate

Imagine further on in your digital marketing career you were in charge of launching the next Call of Duty or Assassins Creed?

And of course, it’s got to be good. In fact AMAZING. All that anticipation. The reviews, the critics.

Ultimately it’s your neck on the chopping block if it all goes t**s up.

And here’s a choice you have to make.

You interview two people for a digital marketing job. A job that’s crucial to build anticipation and sales with your online community.

The first person you interview is good. You connect with them. They know all the theory but have next to no experience.

The second interviewee is OK. You don’t gel with them as much, but they had a sandwich year in the marketing department at a small games developer so could get up to speed on the job quicker.

What would you do? Who would you recruit?

It’s a real dilemma for recruiters. And as a graduate looking for your first role, this is the situation you’ll most likely face.

Yes, having a Degree is a fantastic start. If that Degree is in marketing or digital, then that’s even better.

But all the theory in the world doesn’t offset the fact you have no real work experience.

You’ll always need longer to get up to speed than a candidate with some work experience, and that is often a deciding factor when a company thinks about hiring you.

The good news…

There are things that you can do right now to make sure you get hired by the best companies for the best digital roles out there.

1)    If you’re just starting your Degree, try and get a sandwich year in industry working in a digital role or for a digital marketing business.

2) Get some experience during the holidays in any marketing or digital role, or in any role (admin, data, sales) for a digital marketing business.

3) 6 months out from finishing your Degree, start to think properly about how you’re going to get a job (that’s doesn’t mean just turning up at the Uni career fair!)

4) Invest in working with a career coach to help you create a CV that gets your first interview and then helps you prepare properly for those interviews, so you knock thier socks off.

Fortunately, there’s a huge rise in digital marketing jobs, so you’re in a growing industry that’s desperate for talented graduates.

But like all things, if you want the very best of something you have to prepare yourself properly because getting it is never easy. And what we’re talking about here, is winning the best graduate digital jobs out there. No small feat.

On my next blog, I’ll start to delve into how to prepare yourself to enter the digital marketing job market with a bang. That all starts with creating a winning CV….

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Co-Founder and Director of Market Recruitment, a marketing recruitment agency based in London and Windsor. I was lucky. I found a career I love out of pure chance. Having graduated in Politics from Loughborough Uni, I entered the market with no real plan or thoughts about what might suit me. Others aren’t so lucky. Some people end up in jobs they don’t like and become disheartened because achieving a great career is easier said than done. That’s where my passion for career coaching comes in. Helping someone achieve their career ambitions gives me a great buzz.
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