5 Digital Marketing Job Search Mistakes

Common mistakes people make while searching for a job online

The importance of digital marketing is increasing now more than ever. Many companies require individuals with a strong potential, skillset, competence and passion to do the job. Once you step into the real world, you will have to be able to find a job for yourself and be content with it. This is a difficult task since in this ever-popular sphere the competition is increasing and it’s important to show that you qualify for the job the best. The more nervous we get about looking for a job the more mistakes we are prone to making. Job searching is the first and primary step in your career journey and it’s important to start it right, so here are 5 common digital marketing job search mistakes that you should try to avoid.

1. Focus on Online Platforms

Searching for jobs online is crucial especially since there are a variety of trustful and popular online markets to look into. Searching online takes up a lot of time, even when you’re on the go and looking into it through your phone. People are in need of good quality connection for their phones, and sometimes in the lack of those, job search becomes increasingly difficult. In order to avoid that you can opt for a 4G booster that will help strengthen your signal. Mobile phone repeaters will make it possible to have a strong connection for browsing online. However, this is a common mistake since not all the companies put up the job announcement out there in the online market and focusing solely on online platforms might make you miss the opportunity of finding a better job that you didn’t pay attention to on the job boards. To increase your chances, you can rely on networking and keep in touch with your former classmates and alumni. If they know you are looking for a job they may be able to refer you to a company.

2. Same resume, different jobs

Digital marketing jobs can be different in nature, because companies may be looking for individuals with a different skillset. Whether you are sending a CV or resume or a cover letter, you will have to tailor it to the job that you apply to. If you send the same documents to every company, you may miss out an interview solely because you didn’t mention something that could have benefited you. By specifying activities and skills that can match the job you apply for, you have better chances to differ from others and beat competition.

3. No attention to social media profile

If you are looking for a digital marketing job, you have to pay a close attention to your own social profile.  You have skills in the digital sphere and if a company decides to search for you, they will undoubtedly look through your social profiles as well. This is because social media importance is roaring nowadays and it’s an inseparable part of digital marketing. So, it would be beneficial to have a proper LinkedIn account, filter your Facebook or other social media page to make it look business appropriate. The professional look that your social media pages may reflect can increase your chances of being serious about the job.

5 Digital Marketing Job Search Mistakes

4. Lack of passion

It’s important to make the right impression when you want to get a job. You may be very passionate and serious about the job that you’re applying for, and you may do everything thoughtfully and correctly and do great on the interview, however if they don’t feel your enthusiasm and passion they may rethink about hiring you. You should take a moment and be able to emphasize that you want the job even if it’s just a little note, it will be enough to make an impression that you are looking forward to hearing from them.

5. Limiting yourself to Job Openings

Sometimes when you apply for a specific job opening, you don’t pay attention to the rest of opportunities out there. You may undergo the entire search, send your resume and hear from them and go an interview only to reveal that you can do more than what you applied for. It’s essential to be able to make a critical decision of all the opportunities that are in front of you. If you happen to know that you qualify for a position that fits you better and was brought up while you were having an on-site interview, it will be advantageous to consider it as well because that opportunity may not exactly be a job opening.

Now that you know what mistakes people usually make, you have the possibility to avoid them and create a strategic job-searching plan for yourself in order to apply for a digital marketing job that you are really passionate about. Make lists, think critically and go for all the opportunities. Either way, if you happen to stumble across some obstacles and end up making mistakes, do not lose your determination! Mistakes make us learn and move forward in our career paths and shape our experience to make us more confident.

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