5 Questions You Should Be Asking In Your Interview

interview questions you should be asking

When you’re preparing for interviews, you’re constantly coming up with responses to the questions your interviewer will ask you. However, what you ask them can be just as important. It can show initiative and a real interest in the role you’re applying for. See the interview as your opportunity to find out as much as you can about the role while they find out about you. Here are the top five interview questions you should be asking to make your next interview a success.

What would be my day-to-day responsibilities?

Learn what it is exactly that you’ll be expected to do in the role. This will allow you to work out if it’s something you will enjoy. Is it something you feel you are capable of or can become so with training? Use this question to demonstrate that you already have experience in certain tasks you might need to do.

What are the company’s plans for the next five years?

Find out if this company has great expectations and could be a place full of potential for you. If you see yourself in this role for a number of years you can work out if you can grow alongside the business. This allows you to show your enthusiasm to develop as well which will impress your interviewers.

What are the biggest challenges facing the team or company right now?

This is the perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate how you can use your experience and skills to find new ways of working that could help solve these issues. By planning ahead for this one, you can also show your knowledge of the industry.

What do you like best about working for….?

This will give you insight into the company’s culture as well as any social events and non-work activities. It also allows you to build up a rapport with your interviewer and discuss their experiences at the company. Find out if you are a fit for the role and if the company is a fit for you. You’ll be spending a lot of time at work so finding somewhere you enjoy being is as important as what you’ll be doing.

What are the next steps in the process?

This will show that you’re truly interested in the role. It also lets you know how long you have to wait to find out if you were successful. There could be further interviews and assessments that you need to prepare for so this will give you a heads up.

If you struggle to remember all these, just make sure you appear eager and interested in the role and company to improve your chances. If your dream role lies in digital marketing, find out about our courses that’ll help you land your dream job as well as other helpful advice from Digital Marketing For Graduates.