5 Sales Training Courses for Beginners on a Budget

5 Sales Training Courses for Beginners on a Budget

Whether You Need to Polish Your B2B Skills or Become a Master Negotiator, These Sales Training Courses for Beginners Should Help You on Your Way

Securing a career in sales isn’t just about having a winning smile, it’s about knowing the strategies to get your foot in the door. Whether you’re applying for your first B2B role or wanting a career change to software sales, these courses should give you the credentials to get there.

SkillShare – LinkedIn Marketing, Lead Generation & B2B Sales for LinkedIn for Entrepreneurship and Startup Businesses

This course promises to teach every beginner how to leverage LinkedIn to increase sales. You will learn Lead Generation techniques to boost outreach, engagement and your audience. These skills are in high demand with many employers looking to grow their start-up company. This course should teach you the essential marketing strategies for any beginner looking to secure their first B2B sales role.

Alison – Diploma in Sales Management: Revised

This course moves away from B2B and focuses on basic sales management techniques for your career. The modules range from relationship selling and understanding the customer to business ethics. This knowledge combined should help you ace any interview and begin a successful career in sales management.

Coursea & University of Michigan – Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills

Negotiation is a powerful life skill, one essential to a successful career in sales. This programme promises to teach any beginner how to plan a negotiation strategy using key tactics for success. It begins with a series of video lessons followed by a mock negotiation exercise and exam. Successful negotiators will gain a shareable certificate and hopefully some valuable business skills.

Udemy – Sales Skills Mastery 1: Sales Training for Beginners

This 5 hour beginners sales training course promises to teach you the secret to forming an optimal sales-driven mindset. The lessons range from determining prospective clients and establishing credibility to creating the perfect presentation built for consumer needs.

Udemy often offers heavy discounts for their courses, so if the price is just a little too steep be sure to check back in a few days.

DigitalGrads – Business Development Training

Learn how to create a winning sales strategy using lead generation with our free intensive business development programme. Built to give you the skills to ace your interview and secure any junior sales role, this training will teach you the expertise you need to impress. Beginners will learn how to discover, manage and finalise deals with one of the best sales training courses around.

Once you’ve completed our video lessons and quizzes, you can add your skills and results to your DigitalGrads profile for employers to see.

5 Sales Training Courses for Beginners on a Budget

Looking for more training courses? We offer a range of free programmes that are built to give you the skills to get employed. Whether you’re looking for a career in digital media or tech, sign up to DigitalGrads today to start your journey to success.

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