5 Tips For Graduates From A Digital Marketing Recruitment Specialist

Congratulations, you have graduated! But then, so has everyone else. It’s the beginning of October, next year’s graduates are applying for next year’s graduate schemes, and you are already feeling like the clock is ticking and you will be left with the dregs of the jobs nobody else wants.

You may feel that you have no idea what you want to do with your life, that your 3 years studying the finer aspects of 19th Century poetry have left you no more ready for a career than when you emerged from school.

But don’t panic!

Before you resign yourself to working at the local pub for the rest of your life, have a read of our top tips for grads to get a direction on your career:

1.    A job does not have to equal a career.

If you have no idea of what you want to be, then just think about what interests you and apply for a graduate level role at a company that does that thing. Most people discover what they are good at along the way. There is no reason why you should know this at start of your career, so truly, don’t sweat it.

2.    A potential employer could read any of your public social media profiles.

DO make sure that you aren’t rejected out of hand because of an unprofessional, embarrassing online presence. If you wouldn’t want your Mum and Dad to see it, then the chances are your prospective boss won’t be too impressed either.

3.    DO invest time and energy in activities that will set you apart from your peers.

Being Captain of your school sports team is not going to carry much weight 3 years down the line; ask yourself what are you doing now to help your future self. For example, if you want a career in digital, then be digital – write a blog, launch a site, run a PPC campaign for a local business. Oh, and make sure you put this on your CV because otherwise the rest of us will never know.

4.    Find a good (specialist) recruitment consultant.

If you know what kind of job you want, then get in touch with recruiters that specialise in that niche. A high street recruiter is great for a temporary role to pay the rent, but their churn rate is so high that you cannot reasonably expect them to nurture you through this stage. If you find a good recruiter (and at this stage, a good recruiter is one who will engage with you as an individual and works in your niche) then use them. You will get back what you put in, and remember, you don’t have to pay them anything. These are relationships that may carry you through your career, so invest time and energy into them. Not only will you get access to roles that are never advertised, you should gain insight into your chosen industry or specialism.

5.    If all else fails, apply for a job as a recruitment consultant!

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Tom Cooke is the Digital Marketing & eCommerce Recruitment Consultant at Beringer Tame - the award winning and market-leading specialist recruitment and headhunting company for online marketing and e-commerce roles. We have a well established network of digital professionals with nearly ten years specialism in this area.
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