5 Tips for Joining a Team Virtually

5 tips for joining a team virtually.

Starting a new role during lockdown? Here are 5 tips to make a great virtual first impression to your new team.

Starting a new role is both an exciting and nerve-wracking task at the best of times. So beginning a new role during lockdown brings this to a whole other level.

This week marks one month since I began my internship, so I thought I’d share a few tips for joining a team virtually. Whilst at first I spoke so fast on zoom call that no one understood a word I said, and then spent 15 minutes typing my first joke onto my teams’ slack channel to get the right tone, one month later I am part of a team that I laugh and work with every day. Here are a few ideas to become part of a team in a virtual setting – tried and tested.

1. Being smooth on Zoom 

Easier said than done in my case, but the nerves I had in my first meeting, plus a slight delay from my wifi, equaled disaster. I’ve found that it’s important to speak slow and steady to counter delays and to have a few bullet points in front of me to make sure I am clear and concise.  

2. Arrange virtual coffee breaks 

In the office, there’s an opportunity for coffee breaks, drinks after work, and lunchtime catch-ups where you spend time getting to know people individually on your team. So, arranging a casual 15-minute call over coffee makes all the difference in creating a more relaxed atmosphere where you can chat – about work or not – and get to know team members on a one-to-one basis. 

3. Get involved in group jokes 

My role involves a lot of independent research, so whenever I find something that makes me laugh – I share it on the slack/email channels. Humour is a great way to add something engaging and lighthearted to your team’s day. 

4. Ask Questions 

Any new job comes with its own series of smaller and more trivial questions, where you would approach a team member, laugh and have the answer in less than a minute. These questions can be difficult to approach in a virtual setting as it’s harder to achieve the casual tone you would in person. Slack messaging is a great avenue for these questions, or have an email chain of “quick questions” to use as an avenue for these queries. It’s also an idea to note the questions and bring them up quickly in team catch-ups. 

5. Keep thinking of new ways to engage with the team

It’s great to come up with new ways to create team spirit in lockdown – especially if they’ve been doing Zoom quizzes for the last 3 months. Chatting to friends and looking at other ideas from LinkedIn provides great inspiration for new team activities – a “through the keyhole” style game, shared Spotify playlists to celebrate that Friday feeling, and podcast recommendations initiate conversations and ways to share your personality with the team. 

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