5 Traits of a High Performer

Employers are looking for these five high performer traits in every graduate they interview

You need to show that you have high performer traits in every interview – but what does this mean?

A high performer is an excellent employee. They’re a real asset to their team because they love finishing projects and over-delivering.

Employers are looking for you to show that you have the potential to be one.

Sometimes, when you get the interview feedback that you lack experience, what they’re really saying is you don’t have the traits of a high performer.

Interviewers tend to use their gut instinct to decide whether you’re a good fit for the company. By proving that you have these five traits, you are basically forcing them to think you’ll be a great employee.

High performer traits can be hard to put your finger on, but follow our advice and employers will be sure to hire you.

1 – Are You Commercially Savvy?

In your interview you have to show an understanding of the business and industry.

This is sometimes called commercial acumen or business savvy – it simply means the ability to help the company grow.

To do this, you have to understand some things about the business model and market. Their aim will be to make more money than they spend – so show that you know how they could do that.

Companies are looking to automate their profits by creating a product or service that lots of people really want. And they want you to help them do it.

Make sure you show that you:

  • Have a strong understanding of the industry
  • Understand the organisation’s market and environment
  • Have a good grasp of their aims and objectives
  • Know what the company needs to do to succeed

2 – Are You Resilient?

Companies are looking for innovation. They want someone that isn’t afraid of trying new things and coming up with ideas.

You can’t be afraid of talking about your mistakes in an interview, because then you can talk about how you’ve grown since making them.

Companies want someone that’s resilient, someone that is:

  • Willing to work hard and take risks
  • Not afraid of coming up with new ideas to solve problems
  • Able to rebound and learn from their mistakes
  • Has an understanding that failure is normal

3 – Are You Adaptable?

If there is anything we’ve learnt from Covid-19, it’s to constantly wash our hands and be flexible.

This is one of the key traits of a high performer, and any employee. The world is constantly changing – you must be able to adapt quickly.

Let your interviewer know that you:

  • Can think on your feet
  • Move quickly towards a solution when needed
  • Can handle anything that is thrown at you
  • Like the fast-paced nature of business
  • Love learning about new technology and industry trends.

4 – Are You a Creative Problem Solver?

Companies are really looking for problem solvers in the wake of Covid-19. They dealt with so many issues – moving to work from home, upping sanitation, adapting their marketing strategies, cancelling projects and beginning entirely new ones. The reason that they could adapt so well is because they had a team of creative people that thrive solving problems.

You need to be able to prove that you can:

  • Think logically and independently about any issue
  • Use your initiative
  • Work something out when you don’t know what to do
  • Think outside the box
  • Find fresh perspectives when conventional thinking doesn’t cut it

5 – Are You Ambitious?

Companies have to be ambitious. They have to reach for the stars and deliver the impossible – you need to prove that you are the same.

Interviewers are looking for graduates that:

  • Are results-driven
  • Always look for ways to improve
  • Love to over-deliver in everything they do
  • Are always inspired

It’s true that all companies are looking for these high performer traits in their junior staff, but it’s especially true for tech companies.

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