50 Questions to Ask in an Interview

50 Questions to Ask in an Interview by Alex Green from Pexels

Ask Some of These Interview Questions if you Want to Impress

Obviously you can’t ask your interviewer all 50 of these questions, but having a list of 10 or so will help you stay prepared for your big interview.

Have you ever done some really great research before an interview, drafted up a few really solid questions to ask… and then had them answered before you could even ask?

This happens all the time! You never know what your interviewer is going to cover, so it’s best to come prepared.

I’d recommend picking your top 10 favourite interview questions from this list and popping them in the back of your notes.

Questions to Help You Show Your Interest

Whether you’re eager to learn more about the business or your interviewer’s experience working there, these questions show your curiosity.

1 – How many online sales do you make in a normal month?

2 – How big is your customer database?

3 – Do you have a social media policy for staff?

4 – What is the most successful campaign you’ve run and what happened?

5 – What is the main goal for this team this year?

6 – How would you describe the company culture?

7 – Would you say this role is more independent or collaborative?

8 – Why did you come to this company?

9 – Has your role changed since you’ve been here?

10 – What do you like most about working for this business?

Questions to Show You’re Keen to Learn and Succeed

The best way to show your enthusiasm about staying with the company for the long-term is to ask questions about it.

Most businesses only want to hire the most ambitious and motivated people. Here are 10 questions to help you prove your determination.

11 – What will I learn in the first three months on your team?

12 – What does a typical day/week look like on this team?

13 – Who can I learn the most from on the team?

14 – What will I be doing in this role a year from now?

15 – I read in [insert magazine name or website] that [news item] is happening. How will this affect your business?

16 – What skills/qualities are needed to succeed in this role?

17 – If I had an idea for the business, what would I do to make it heard?

18 – What training is available to me?

19 – How will you measure my success?

20 – How do my experience and CV measure up to the other candidates you are interviewing?

General Questions

These are tried and tested favourites that apply to most roles, so you can rely on these 10 questions.

21 – How does [discipline eg search marketing] fit into the wider team?

22 – How many people are on the team?

23 – What is the office environment like?

24 – I’ve read about the company’s founding, but can you tell me more about X?

25 – Is this an existing role or is it new?

26 – [Existing role] Where is the last person who did this role moving to?

27 – [New role] Why did you decide to recruit for this role?

28 – Are there any other responsibilities that weren’t listed on the job advert?

29 – What types of personalities fit best at your company?

30 – Is there anything that concerns you about me?

50 Questions to Ask in an Interview by mentatdgt from Pexels

Interview Questions to Ask in a Marketing Interview

Although marketing can be a very wide field, we’ve narrowed all your possible questions down to five.

31 – How did the last Google algorithm update affect your website rank?

32 – What CMS do you use?

33 – How many steps are there in a typical customer journey form landing page to sale?

34 – How do you measure engagement with your social media followers?

35 – What digital marketing channel drives the most traffic/sales?

Interview Questions to Ask in a Sales Interview

These next five questions are perfect to use in your next customer support, success or sales role!

36 – How big a problem is customer churn?

37 – How are you combatting churn? Is it working?

38 – What CRM do you use?

39 – Which product is your most popular?

40 – Did the sales team meet last quarter’s targets?

Interview Questions to Ask in a Software Development Interview

As development roles can vary across different disciplines, languages and industries, we’ve kept these questions general.

41 – How many app downloads do you get per month?

42 – Do you work using Agile?

43 – How do you avoid silos when working from home?

44 – What big projects are you working on?

45 – What is the team’s strategy for tackling issues?

Bonus Interview Questions to Really Impress

And lastly, if not many of these have tickled your fancy here are my personal favourites!

46 – What are the biggest challenges your team/company is facing right now?

47 – What are the company’s plans for the next 5 years?

48 – What does success look like in this position?

49 – Is there anything else I can send over to you to help?

50 – What are the next steps?

What are the next steps?

If after all your interview prep, you still don’t secure the job – don’t worry.

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