The 6 Best Digital Marketing Online Training Courses for Graduates

The 6 Best Digital Marketing Online Training Courses for Graduates

Here at DigitalGrads we provide fast and affordable digital online training for grads to help you kick start your career in tech. We believe our training is unique because we not only help you learn the digital marketing practical skills you need to succeed in your first role, but we also teach you how to navigate the recruitment process so that you are the best candidate, and you get the best job.

But we don’t operate in a vacuum and we are not the only ones who offer digital marketing online training. As part of our business plan preparation we had to complete substantial competitor analysis, and while I was compiling this I realised our findings would be of use to you and save you a little bit of time when choosing a training provider. Hopefully, our analysis will help you decide which, if any, digital marketing training course is for you.

Why take digital marketing training now, before you get your first job?

A certification in digital marketing shows a potential employer that you have genuine digital marketing skills, that you are motivated to learn and that you are able to use your initiative. It also massively helps with the problem that most graduates today face – that employers demand that you have experience. Taking the right digital marketing online training will give you some experience and knowledge and crucially the ability to go off and ‘do digital marketing’ on your own, rather than working for a business for peanuts for a year.

We’ve only compared training courses that are aimed at beginners and we’ve looked at the cost, who they are created for, their product offering, and how they differ from our digital marketing online training offering.

Digital Garage by Google

Website: Digital Garage

Price: Free

Format: Series of video tutorials

Who for (in their words): Entrepreneurs, job seekers and students

What is it?: Online video tutorials with core topics such as The Online Opportunity, Get Discovered With Search, Connect Through Email. Each tutorial comes with a test which comprise one or two very simple questions.

How it differs from our offering: The tutorials are focussed on growing your business, so whilst Digital Garage say that job seekers and students can take the training, it is really focussed on the business owner or manager who needs digital skills to grow their business and does not specifically help job seekers or students actually apply for or get a role in digital marketing.

Best for: Entrepreneurs and start-ups who need digital skills to grow their business.

Digital Marketing Essentials by the IDM

Website: Digital Marketing Essentials Course

Price: £540 (inc VAT)

Format: 1 day classroom training

Who for (in their words): Delegates with little or no experience in digital marketing

What is it?: 1 day classroom training in all the essential digital marketing skills from identifying the right channel to evaluating campaign performance.

How it differs from our training: Again the training content is focussed on growing a business, and it looks as if the programme assumes some prior knowledge of digital marketing. The IDM typically train marketing teams, so this is likely to be a course that you could be sent on in the first year of your job by your employer.

Best for: Digital marketing first jobbers who need to learn more skills than the company can teach them.

Introduction to Digital Marketing by the CIM

Website: Introduction to digital marketing

Price: £690 (inc VAT)

Format: 1 day classroom training

Who for (in their words): People who want to get a better understanding of the key digital marketing tools and techniques available with a view to improving their digital marketing activities as well as measuring their effectiveness.

What is it?: It’s a classroom training aimed at beginners who have some digital marketing knowledge and want to brush up on how to drive traffic, conversion, engagement and referrals.

How it differs to our training: Like the IDM, the CIM sell their courses directly to businesses. They assume the attendee is already in a digital marketing role.

Best for: Digital marketing first jobbers who need to learn more skills than their current company can teach them.

Squared Online

Website: Squared Online

Price: £2,099 (inc VAT)

Format: 130 hours of online training over 5 months

Who is it for: Ambitious marketing managers, bright grads and professionals looking to enter the industry

What is it?: A digital marketing leadership course. Not only does it aim to teach students digital skills, but it aims to challenge you to become and effective leader and improve personal effectiveness. You are required to complete 5 substantial projects over the course of the 5 months, and spend 6-8 hours per week on coursework, so it is more similar to degree course learning.

How it differs to our training: The content is largely aimed at individuals who are already working in the industry with 37% of places being sponsored by the employer. It also aims to enhance your career from a leadership and personal effectiveness point of view and not help the graduate get their first role.

Best for: Marketing professionals wanting to fast-track their career and become a leader in their organisation.

The Professional Diploma In Digital Marketing by the DMI

Digital Marketing Institute logo

Website: The Professional Diploma

Price: £1,560 (inc VAT)

Format: 30 hours of online learning

Who is it for: Business owner who wants to improve online engagement or a complete beginner

What is it: A series of video lectures, slide presentations, practical exercises, interactive quizzes and a supportive student network to introduce you to the core principles of digital marketing.

How it differs to our training: It’s aim is to help you progress your career and so is largely aimed at people who already work in digital marketing.

And saving the best for last, here’s how our digital marketing online training for graduates compares…

How to Get Your First Job in Search Engine Marketing by DigitalGrads

DigitalGrads logoWebsite: Search Engine Marketing training

Price: fully-funded by DigitalGrads

Format: 6 hours of online learning, plus handouts and templates

Who is it for: University graduates (and complete beginners)

What is it: A training programme that introduces you to a single digital marketing discipline that you may like to work in, and also shows you how to go about getting a job in that field. We provide you with the fundamental digital marketing knowledge you need to succeed in your first role. We do not assume any prior knowledge and we do not use acronyms and industry jargon to confuse you.

So there you have it, the 6 best digital marketing online training courses for graduates. We believe wholeheartedly that taking the training before you apply for your first role will dramatically increase your confidence and your chances of getting the best role. View the full range of DigitalGrads funded online training courses here. 

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