7 Silly Things That Can Hamper Your Digital Marketing Efforts

When you go out in the world as a digital marketer, you make many mistakes, learn from them and then evolve and grow to become famous like Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin, Brian Dean or yours truly (I am getting there). Almost every newbie makes one or many of the following mistakes and learns the lesson the hard way. But with this article, we can prevent that from happening. Find out 7 of the most common mistakes that newcomers make:

1.     Lack of marketing strategy

This is the first step to make a fool-proof digital marketing plan. Having a well-defined digital marketing strategy will help you lay down the path for your marketing team. A digital marketing strategy involves clearly laying down objectives for engagement, sales or any other conversion metrics, a marketing and content calendar, and the efforts and resources required to reach that goal. Once you have a well-defined strategy, it will become easy to map your progress and find out where you stand.

2.     Zero content marketing

This one is fairly obvious, isn’t it? Since e-commerce is overtaking (already overtaken in many industries) brick and mortar businesses, content marketing is a must. You need to be available and searchable on major online sources. You should be found on Google, Facebook or LinkedIn, practically everywhere where your customer is. This is possible only through content marketing. If you are not blogging, creating quality social media posts or submitting guest posts (see how we at E2M reached out to Digital Marketing 4 Grads so that we can reach out to future digital marketing experts?), you are not going to win this game.

3.     Ignoring social media

If you want to advance your career as a digital marketer, you need to have a thorough knowledge of how social media works. Pay attention to everything from views, impressions and shares through to sentiment, influence, engagement and interactions. When used intelligently, social media cannot only help you engage with your audience and share your content but also make decisions for your brand based on audience persona.

4.     Not doing networking

If there were 7 sins for digital marketer, this would be at the top. Being a digital marketer, you have to use every opportunity, be it a Twitter conversation or a marketing event, to connect with other digital marketers, clients, influencers and of course, customers. Dedicate at least 3 hours of your day to networking and seek people on LinkedIn, communities, etc. to connect. This brings me to my next point.

5.     Disrespecting online communities

Always stay active on communities. From social media and digital marketing communities like Inbound.org, to business communities related to your clients, always keep one eye on what’s happening in these communities and ask / answer / engage as much as you want. You will get latest news, marketing tactics and great ideas through these communities.

6.     Poor use of tools

Every digital marketing expert will advise you to build a great social media presence, do link building and somehow manage to become a Snapchat celebrity. They will cite examples of some of the best and the coolest brands and their marketing success. However, these ‘cool’ brands have a huge team of qualified experts and an array of tools for analytics, content creation, SEO and distribution at their disposal. This is what makes them so great. If you are not using these tools, you may find it difficult to reach the level of brands that you love so much.

7.     Poor understanding of SEO and SEM

If someone tells you SEO is dead, run and run fast. SEO is far from dead and if done right provides great results. But SEO is also a tough nut to crack and that’s why some digital marketers choose the easy way out. Invest in a quality SEO course to understand how SEO works or read those beginners guide for SEO and SEM online. The concepts of SEO change with every algorithm change, so make sure you are updated about the algorithm changes and how they affect rankings.

These are not the only mistakes that can hamper your digital marketing efforts. But they certainly are the most common ones. If you avoid these mistakes, you will well and truly be on the path to become a successful digital marketer.

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Avinash Nair is a Digital Marketer at E2M, one of India’s fastest growing Digital Marketing Agencies committed to meeting the highest ethical standards of digital marketing strategies and driving sustainable business growth. He is responsible for Content Marketing and SEO Services. You can find him on Twitter: @AviNair52
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