A Guide to Finding Tech Jobs in Brighton

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How to Find Graduate Tech Jobs in Brighton

Brighton and Hove are known best as tourist destinations, but they have a thriving digital economy with a wealth of tech and media jobs.

So if you fell in love with the seaside at university and want to stay, it’s possible to have an amazing career!

Whether you’re a graduate from the University of Sussex or the University of Brighton, and whether you want to be a software developer, a digital marketer or a data scientist, you’ll find great opportunities in the city.

And as a job seeker you don’t need to limit yourself to employers in Brighton. The commute to London on the train only takes an hour or so!

You really don’t have to choose between the seaside and finding your top job.

Let DigitalGrads Help you Find a Job!

The DigitalGrads team is on a mission is to help graduates find high-quality tech jobs and it just so happens that we’re based in Brighton. As our very first office was in the city, we have close ties with lots of local startups and get loads of opportunities in the area.

Take a look at the jobs that we’re currently recruiting for or create an account on our platform so we can let you know when your dream jobs start recruiting.

Major Employers

Despite being a small city, there are a number of big employers that hire all kinds of tech professionals. Some examples include:

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If you’re looking for agency experience you’re in luck. Brighton is full of agencies of all sizes, including:

Small Businesses

There are lots of small businesses and startups to choose from too! The great thing about smaller companies is that you can quickly take on a lot of responsibility and get your voice heard.

Junior roles at startups tend to be very different to those in bigger companies – there’s less red tape, so you get more independence and the opportunity to pick up lots of new skills.

If that sounds good to you, browse some local directories to find businesses to contact and keep an eye on events!

Networking and Events

Whether you’re looking for your first job or your next job, it helps to meet people already working for potential employers. It’s a great way to get an inside track on who’s hiring! Brighton has a vibrant tech scene, with plenty of events to attend – some free, some not.

Wired Sussex is a local tech industry group that runs events in the area. Their website also includes local jobs too. You can meet people at other local events, run by Silicon Brighton, 68 Middle Street and Lighthouse (Brighton Digital Festival). There are specific technology meet ups like BrightonPy, Async.js and UX Brighton too.

Codebar also runs workshops in Brighton and while they’re mostly remote for now, we expect that they won’t be for long!

If you’re not looking for a normal job and you want to try to establish yourself as a freelancer, you’ll find Brighton to be a great place to launch your career.

You can meet other freelancers over a casual drink at Brighton Farm and the city is dotted with co-working spaces where you can network while you work. Some of the best co-working spaces are The Werks Group, The Skiff and Platf9rm.

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