Four Alternative Ways To Get Marketing Work Experience

Alternative Ways to Get Marketing Work Experience

Breaking into a career in marketing can be difficult, however there are alternative ways to get marketing work experience. Sometimes you need to be a little more proactive and look for alternative ways to gain work experience to add to your CV.  If you’ve just graduated and the opportunities don’t seem to be out there, then you will just have to be a self-starter and make your own. 

Here are four alternative ways to get marketing work experience- routes you could look into if you want to get marketing work experience and boost your CV to the top of the pile…

Volunteer at Events

Event organisers are always on the lookout for people to help them with advertising and marketing, so volunteering to lend a hand could work in your favour.  Whether it’s a charity fundraiser, a local craft fair or a children’s sports event, helping to organise a publicity campaign looks great on your CV.  You might not be paid for your hard work but if you can help promote an event through designing ads for local publications, setting up social media pages and targeting organisations who could provide funding and support, it’s all valuable experience which will make your CV shine.

Start Your Own Blog

Blogs are a fantastic way of showing off your talents and gaining valuable, visible experience.  If you can direct potential employers towards a blog you write and manage then you’re showing them what a catch you are, not just telling them in writing.  Your blog doesn’t necessarily have to have anything to do with your marketing degree, and you could write about any subject under the sun as long as you care passionately about it.  Whether it’s careers advice, books, films or beauty, find something you know and care about and then put pen to paper.

Help a Local SME With Their Social Media

Lots of small- and medium-sized local companies will still be behind the curve when it comes to making best use of the web, and some may not have a social media presence at all.  Offer your services either for free or at a reduced rate and it’s a win-win situation all round – the company you work for will get the benefit of your university degree and expertise, and you’ll gain valuable experience you can put down on your CV.  Helping out in this way means you also have somewhere to direct recruiters, meaning they can see first-hand how you’ve put your skills to work.

Attend Some Marketing Events

Being able to say you actively keep up with the latest marketing news and trends looks great on your CV, so attend marketing conferences and events which you can highlight to future employers.  Many events will be free to attend and there will be guest speakers you can glean some useful tips and advice from, so they’re always well worth the time and effort you invest.  It’s also a great way to meet people and start networking – you never know when those contacts you make at a conference will be useful further down the line.

Honourable mention: Attending Free Online Training Courses

There are plenty of online training courses you can take for free that will help you up-skill and get noticed by employers. Google have their Analytics and Google Garage courses and DigitalGrads have the DigitalGrads Academy that is free for recent graduates Click here to apply! 

If the work experience opportunities seem thin on the ground, then find the get-up-and-go to make your own.  After the long, hard slog of getting your degree, the voluntary work or internships you do now will seem like a breeze, and will add valuable experience to your CV.