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Now Youth Marketer at Camelot


“Through the DigitalGrads course I’ve managed to cement my conviction and learn new skills that I didn’t have before. I’ve since been fortunate enough to secure an incredible marketing role at Camelot.”


Now Account Exec at Nine Yards Creative


“A lot of what the course contains was not taught at University and I firmly believe it will help me secure a dream graduate job having given me the confidence I didn’t have prior to taking the training.”




“If you’re a student who’s just graduated, this course is perfect to complete to gain not only an educational experience but also a certificate that will boost your CV! I will definitely be recommending to my friends!”


 Now Marketing Manager 
for Mines and Money  


"If you are ever in doubt whether you should take this training I would suggest you think no further and just DO IT because it is worth every minute you spend on it!"


 Now Product Marketing Graduate at Samsung


“The digital marketing course was a fantastic introduction to SEO and PPC of which I knew very little before… I highly recommend it. I’m looking forward to completing the rest of the courses!”