Donna Moores, Author at DigitalGrads
Donna Moores
Executive director of HR
Location: Birmingham
Current Work: HandMadeWritings
Specialist In: Recruitment, Career, Creative Writing
Experience: 5+


Donna is a recruiter and a writer who aims to help people find a job of their dream. She got a degree in marketing at Birmingham University and then has spent more than 5 years gaining an outstanding HR experience. Donna has been working for CI Games and NameMcLaren Technology Group for 5 years and had an opportunity to collaborate with such big companies as: Walmart, Samsung, Amazon and Coca Cola.

Currently she is an executive director of HR department at HandMadeWritings, where she runs her own blog.

Apart from HR, Donna is a passionate writer. She is using her spare time to lay out her thoughts and ideas on paper. For Donna, it’s about catching everything you experience and streaming it through the lens of one’s perception. She remembers herself writing her thoughts out since she was a child.

An acclaimed HR Pro and a dedicated writer – Donna is here to share her insights with the magnificent community of digital marketers!

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