Martin Sumichrast, Author at DigitalGrads
Martin Sumichrast
CEO Level Brands
JRC Marketing, Level Brands
Location: Charlotte NC, USA
Current Work: JRC Marketing, Level Brands
Past Work: Elegantmedia, Thestreet, Seeking Alpha
Specialist In: Leadership, Digital Marketing, Technology
Experience: 25 Years


I am Martin (Marty) Sumichrast, CEO of Level Brands Inc. I am a seasoned entrepreneur, having two and a half decades of successful business experience in the field of leadership, finance, digital marketing, technology, real estate economy and housing development. I have co-authored multiple books and articles on various topics. I have worked for some big magazines like and Seeking Alpha. Presently, I am working for JRC Marketing as a part-time blogger that provides digital marketing services in UK.

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