Behind the Scenes: Interning with DigitalGrads

Hear first-hand what life was like as a DigitalGrads intern.

For the past 6 weeks, I’ve been working with DigitalGrads as their content and marketing intern. You might’ve seen me sporadically popping up on your LinkedIn or scattered around social media.

As a recent ‘graduate’, I know first-hand how hard it is to find that perfect graduate job. Sometimes the best step to take is a small one, whether that be volunteering or an internship.

If you’re like me and the premise of doing an internship is daunting – let alone doing one amidst a pandemic – let me reassure you. The adaptability of DigitalGrads and other companies alike ensure that the transition to remote working is easy.

Yes, Zoom became a ‘normal’ part of my life; the constant freezing and awkward screen sharing fiascos became part of my daily routine. But ultimately, working remotely impaired little on my ability to carry out my work as a DigitalGrads intern.

(Beyond that, I was also lucky enough to work with some incredible people scattered all around the globe. Read our blog on how we work remotely with international interns for more information.)

Life as a DigitalGrads Intern

‘So what does a content and marketing intern do?’

My role with DigitalGrads consisted of copywriting for their graduate and employer blogs, whilst using social media to encourage organic sign-ups. In other words, my role was to create content and encourage grads, like you, and employers to sign up!

I dove into the mysterious world of ‘Google Analytics’, ‘SEOs’ and ‘Mail Chimp’ whilst working closely with Lucy (CEO), Mike (CTO), Kristina (Marketing Executive) and the other interns, on a range of different projects, from email and PR campaigns to helping you guys find that perfect first job.

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The positives of doing an internship

Though there are plenty of pros and cons of doing an Internship, I know many grads feel as though they are a temporary fix to the bigger problem of eventual unemployment. So today, I just wanted to talk through some of the positives of doing an Internship, especially within a small company like DigitalGrads.  

Real Work Experience

Internships are a brilliant way of gaining experience. Employers rarely expect you to be the best of the best when you first join, so it’s a weight off your shoulders.

Also, doing an Internship is a fool-proof way of demonstrating that you have the skills and experience necessary for certain positions. These could be specific skills for your career path, but also other skills, including (but not limited to) communication and interpersonal skills that employer’s seriously value.

Gain an insight into your chosen field

Maybe you’re like me and are completely undecided with what you want to do. Internships are a way of experiencing work within your chosen field without that permanent commitment.

Either you absolutely love the field, so you work that much harder in making your dreams a reality. OR…  You realise that maybe it isn’t the career path for you. Either way it’s a win-win.

You can start networking

We know that ‘networking’ is a phrase you hear most often when beginning your job search. But doing an internship is a great opportunity to impress the people you’re working with, and hopefully build up your network.

(fingers crossed I’ve impressed the people I’ve worked with 😊 )

Building self-confidence

This was a big one for me.

The world of work was always elusive to me, not knowing what a typical day looked like, and not having the confidence to share my ideas, let alone network with people.

But doing an internship is a brilliant way to put yourself out there and shows that you are proactive in learning new things for self-improvement.

Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, you’ll still benefit from experiencing a real (albeit virtual) workplace. You’ll learn more about yourself as a professional and be more prepared when taking that next step to look for permanent positions.

Tips for future interns –

Whether you intern with DigitalGrads or another company, here are a few words of wisdom to impart on you…

  1. Be prepared – especially when working remotely, it’s important to make sure all your technology works. Do you need a webcam? Speakers? Etc…
  2. Go the extra mile – show the team what you can do, think independently, and have the courage to share your ideas.
  3. Keep a record of the things you get up to – it’s crazy how easy it is to forget a system you’ve used or a skill you’ve developed. Keeping a record is an easy way of ensuring you remember all the things you’ve learned and can then use examples in interviews.
  4. Keep yourself busy – at the end of the day, you’re there to learn. Proactively seek out opportunities where you can get involved. Maybe you’re unfamiliar with a system and want to find out more? As an intern you’re expected to want to learn new things, more often than not employers and colleagues are more than happy to oblige.
  5. Ask for help – the team at DigitalGrads was amazing. Anything I needed help with, all I had to do was ask. They were supportive and encouraging especially when my content wasn’t particularly… ‘great’.

Regardless of the size of the company, or whether it is paid or not. Doing an internship will build your confidence and skillset which is often a prerequisite in the workplace.

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As a recent graduate from the University of Reading. I am currently working with DigitalGrads as their content and marketing intern.
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