4 Insanely Actionable Tips to Boost Your Chances of Landing Your First Digital Marketing Job

Success isn’t something that happens overnight — and establishing a successful career in digital marketing isn’t an exception.

How do you start from scratch and build a digital marketing career when it comes to this industry? Well, here’s a simple story that might help you find out how to make it work for you.

I can say my career is just starting, but I’ve already come across a lot of wonderful opportunities. Plus, I’m pretty positive of the fact that even better things that are yet to come.

Was I just lucky? I didn’t think so. For the past few years, I’ve come up with decisions that I believe contributed to the success I’m enjoying now. I’d love to share these decisions, thinking you’d benefit from them as well.

Let me start by telling you that almost half of my working life was spent by working for free. Well, not really for free, but I earned a pretty small amount — no bonuses, stock options, free lunches — during my stint at a small marketing agency. I spent almost 12 hours working using my personal laptop.

Despite all of that, I still stayed. The simple reason? I was happy.

I was happy because I was learning every day. Each day meant solving a new problem and coming up with a different solution. Knowing that there’s a limit to what I can learn from myself, I also learn from other people by observing them and talking to them about their experiences, as well as the challenges they’ve managed to overcome.

With this kind of learning, I also understood how you should not focus on one central area in your career. This time, doing the things you’re good at might not work, especially when you don’t even know what you’re good at yet. If you’re fortunate enough to know your expertise early, then you must take advantage of that fact and use it to build your personal brand.

In achieving your career and your dreams, always remember to not push yourself too hard. Yes, it’s important to make sacrifices so you can get where you want to go, but don’t forget to enjoy life. By setting realistic goals and a long-term plan, you’ll soon attain the success you’ve always wanted.

Getting Started In Digital Marketing

Ready to kickstart your career in digital marketing? These tips will surely boost your chances of landing that first job.

1. Know how SEO works.

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the act of optimising websites so that they’ll show up high on search engine results pages. A website that’s more relevant to the user’s keywords will have higher rankings

Here, you’ll be able to see the importance of SEO as well as its relevance to digital marketing — websites will be more visible in search engines, hence the easier for people to find and click on them.

Search engines consider a lot of factors when trying to determine how high a particular website would place in rankings. This includes things such as alt tags, meta descriptions, HTML tags and the like.

No idea about what SEO is? Don’t worry; you can always learn. You can start with an SEO tutorial for beginners that you can use to get to know the concept better. Or you could join DigitalGrads to take their cutting edge training in SEO, general search marketing, social media marketing and video marketing! 

Learn as much as you can. Knowledge is important in this industry—the more you know, the bigger your advantage.

I recommend starting with DigitalGrads’ Website Management course to learn more about how websites control marketing!

2. Gain experience.

Yes, I heard you — you’re new to this. What then is this ‘experience’ you’re talking about, if you surely don’t have any?

Experience doesn’t always have to come from employers. Take baby steps towards digital marketing by trying out Google AdWords or Facebook advertising. Enrol in online courses.

If you have cash to spare, then you can try this out and apply what you’ve learned using family or friends’ sites or maybe your own. It may take some time, but just be patient and practice anytime you can.

3. Start your own blog.

It might feel daunting for a beginner to take this step, but it’s vital for you and your career to start your own blog. Your own blog allows you to apply what you’ve learned about social media, SEO, design, and marketing. All for a low price, or even for free.

Having your own blog or website will also give you a place to post your credentials and resume. It can act as your own portfolio. It will even help you in marketing your business if you have one.

Anyone can start his or her own site with just basic technical skills. A blog helps establish your reputation both as a writer and as a marketer. Starting a blog may look complicated, but in reality, it’s easy enough even for beginners.

4. Be confident.

There are people who hold back from advancing their career in digital marketing thinking their skills aren’t enough, their knowledge isn’t enough, or that what they’ve done weren’t enough.

Having this mindset won’t help. Confidence is what makes things less scary, and it’s what gives you that push and move forward.

It’s true that new experiences can be intimidating, but no one knows everything anyway and if someone does, he or she’ll have to keep learning because things keep evolving.

Confidence comes from different sources: yourself, your passion and your enthusiasm with what you do. This excitement will keep you going regardless of the difficulties you face.

Things To Keep In Mind

Being a successful marketer doesn’t require you to do the impossible. Even someone who’s just starting out can achieve success just by gaining experience through online tools, starting your own blog, knowing essential skills such as SEO, and being confident.

Now that you have an idea of what you can do to establish your digital marketing career, then what are you waiting for? Start doing, start learning. The first steps are always the hardest to take, but once you’re done, the rest will be so much easier.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes — mistakes make you realise what things you shouldn’t do next time. Just keep on trying; soon, you’ll conquer the digital marketing world.

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Bill Acholla is a Digital entrepreneur helping small business owners build their brand through content marketing and regularly speaks at growth-focused events around the world.
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