Career and Life Advice for 2020 Graduates

The job market is awful right now, but our career advice for 2020 graduates will help you feel sane enough to apply again

As a 2020 graduate I can say with confidence that the job market sucks right now. It seems like for every job I apply to, 500+ more experienced people are doing the same. I think all of us 2020 graduates need some life advice.

So many people are anxious about their futures. Your career plans have probably crashed and burned into a pool of uncertainty. Thinking about applying for jobs is hard to do when you can think about the recession and doom.

But as someone who secured an internship in lockdown – thank you, DigitalGrads – I thought that I might have some handy life advice for 2020 graduates trying to stay sane on the job hunt.

Advice for finding a job

Take a breath

Luckily the amount of jobs being advertised has skyrocketed since the start of lockdown. But this can be overwhelming, so make sure you take a breath and plan out your day.

Taking a few minutes to prioritise the jobs you want to apply for can really ease your mind. You’ll feel less overwhelmed and ready to dedicate some time to each application.

Look in the right place

We’ve already posted some practical advice about finding graduate jobs during lockdown that’s sure to help you out, but this post is going to look more at resources you can use.

There are lots of graduate recruitment companies out there and finding the one for you can be hard. If you’re looking for a job in tech or marketing, DigitalGrads is the place to go.

If your heart is set on a career in the arts, Creative Access has loads of entry level jobs for you. It’s all about looking in the right place to save time and stress, so do your research and choose wisely.

Your uni still owes you

University careers services are always looked over when people apply for jobs, but they are there to help you. They can support you in finding roles and preparing for interviews. Your careers advisers are trained experts in growing graduate careers, so give them a shot.

Take some training

A quick way to win-out over other applicants is to be more qualified. We’ve posted a few blogs about upskilling for different roles, but the best advice we can give you is to sign up to DigitalGrads.

Our unique training will give you the practical career skills that you just don’t learn in your degree. Once you’ve completed a course we can add that to your profile for all our employers to see.

life advice for 2020 graduates

Advice for your sanity

Celebrate the wins

Every day can feel the same in lockdown, so make sure you celebrate the wins. Celebrate because you applied to two jobs today, completed a course, received an invitation to an interview, because it’s Friday and just because you can. Life is dire right now so do everything you can to keep your spirits high.

Turn off

At the end of the day turn it off. Your brain needs some time to rest after completing a degree, so treat it well. Turn off your notifications and the news – the official report that we’ve entered a recession was announced as I was writing this, and it’s tiring to keep hearing bad news! Treat yourself and turn it off.

Make sure that you dedicate some time every day to unwinding. Go for a walk and stretch your back – all that nervous energy is bad for your muscles.

Do things that you love

Applying for jobs should not be a full-time commitment, our blog post will tell you that. So take some time to see your friends and pick up a new hobby. This is the freest you will be until you retire, so make the most of it!

Good luck

Finally we want to wish you luck on your recession job hunt!

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