How To Compete For A Graduate Digital Marketing Job In London

How to compete for a graduate digital marketing job in London

So, you’ve graduated from university, hooray! Your exams are done, you’ve finally packed up your room and now the time has come to spread your wings and enter the real world of work with a graduate job in digital marketing. But, with so much competition, securing a job can be tough, especially if you’re looking to work in the capital!

It’s hard enough trying to find a job, let alone when you’re searching in London. With new technology, algorithms, platforms and trends popping up seemingly every day, the world of digital marketing is fast-paced and constantly changing. With its reputation as a fun and exciting career choice, it is becoming increasingly popular with graduates all searching for their perfect role.

However, with this popularity comes a huge amount of competition. So, how do you compete if you want a job in digital marketing in London? Today, having a degree isn’t enough. Instead, it’s all about your unique value – what makes you different and what skills you can bring to a job.

We spoke to Hannah Tomaszewski, from London SEO Agency, a leading digital marketing company, to give us her top tips for London graduate success! So, if you’re looking to maximise your chances of landing that London graduate position, here’s how to do it…

Find out: How To Compete For A Graduate Digital Marketing Job In London


Show off your skills

When it comes to securing your dream digital marketing position, it’s all about showing your prospective employers how you have prepared for your future career whilst at school, college or university. With so many students now going on to higher education and graduating with 1 st class degrees, employers are now looking for graduates who can prove their value. That is extra-curricular activities, unique skills and showing a real desire for a particular job or industry.
While digital marketing careers require a range of different skills, here are the most common asks:

  • Creativity

  • Communication

  • Organisation

  • Initiative

Rather than simply sending your CV, consider highlighting examples of how you’ve demonstrated these skills. In simple terms, it’s all about thinking of ways you could prove yourself to better your chances.

If you’re a technical whizz, setting up your own website gives you the opportunity to show your design or technical flair, while those seeking content-based roles should look to start a blog and regularly update it with posts and industry news.

Be professional but be yourself

When it comes to hiring graduates, employers aren’t expecting candidates with decades of experience. Instead, they’re looking for individuals who are passionate and personable yet still driven and professional. How you present yourself is a huge deciding factor when it comes to hiring. From the clothes you select, your posture and your handshake to the questions you ask and the way you communicate, when it comes to graduates, interviewers are looking for candidates who can easily bridge that gap between being young and hungry to learn and being professional enough to get the job done.

Where so many recent graduates struggle to snap out of that university mentality, positioning yourself as that bit more mature and ‘work-ready’ could make all the difference.

However, that’s to say that you should completely hide your personality.

Too many graduates mistake professionalism for dullness – in reality, being true to yourself and having your own personality and opinion will make you more memorable and likeable. After all, interviewers are more likely to hire someone they actually get on with; it’s all about showing them who you are and what makes you unique.

Convince your interviewer that you’re perfect for the job without being entitled or cocky – remember that, as a graduate, you’re likely to start at the very bottom to begin with, and so showing that you’re eager to learn and progress can put you in a positive light.


To put it simply, your personality will be judged just as much as your skillset and experience, making it crucial for you to present yourself in a way that best showcases your skills and personality.

Demonstrate that you can fit in

While skills, experience and knowledge will always be highly regarded in the search for the perfect candidate, equally as important to a business is an applicant’s ability to seamlessly fit in with their existing team. No matter if you have all the skills in the world, hiring managers are searching for employees who can fit right in with the company, the staff and its culture. By acting too stiff or ‘professional’ you won’t be able to get your personality across, which could be detrimental to your job search.


Remember to ask questions about the culture and the people, after all, a working environment that isn’t suitable for you will harm your own mental health and happiness, as well as your quality of work.

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Hannah Tomaszewski is a recent Creative Writing graduate, and now works as a Marketing Strategist for Bigfoot Digital, a leading UK SEO Company, where she gets to work with like-minded people and lives the dream writing every day!  
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