What is conversion rate optimisation or CRO?

conversion rate optimisation

To understand CRO or Conversion Rate Optimisation it’s best to start by ensuring we all know what a conversion is.

A conversion is a user-action on your website or app. Something you are measuring to determine if your website is performing the function you want it to, and how well. That may be a sale, a click to another page, an email address capture, creating an online account, completing a survey, downloading an app. You get the idea.

So your conversion rate (CR) is the number of users completing the action expressed as a percentage of your site’s total traffic.

And so it follows that conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is the process digital marketing folk undertake to increase conversions/actions on their web or mobile site.

It’s a really large topic and includes all sorts of techniques covered in detail by the likes of Qualaroo and CrazyEgg on their blogs. I’ve listed just a few to get you started, but thoroughly recommend you nip over to these other blogs if you like the sound of this as a career path…

Some of the most common Conversion Rate Optimisation tactics are:

A/B testing or split-testing

The process of testing identical pages with one element changed.

Multi-variate testing

Testing multiple versions of the same page to see which combination of elements produces a higher conversion rate.

Cart abandonment

The process of reducing the number of people who abandon the shopping cart before purchasing (perhaps using email, or pop-ups, or checkout re-designs/split-tests).

Customer journey analysis

Seeing where customers leave the journey and making changes using the tests described above to push more users further down the journey.

Qualaroo is a great CRO tool that can do all sorts of things and they have fantastic info on their blog where you can find out more about this hot topic.

Thanks for reading this blog — I hope it helps inspire you to get stuck in to conversion rate optimisation whatever stage you are at in your career. If you enjoyed the read, please recommend it so others can find it as well 🙂

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