What Does A Digital Marketing Internship Involve?

1. Have Patience With yourself

When starting a marketing internship it’s not expected for you to be up to speed with every piece of technology, software programme, all the marketing lingo or even the culture of the company. There’s lots to learn and that’s appreciated.

Internships are an opportunity to further your learning and it will be accepted by your employer that the application of the skills you learnt in the classroom may take some time to implement in the real working environment.

The best kind of advice may seem obvious, but if you’re really unsure about a task, ask a colleague, it’s better to do something right with a little guidance than to steam ahead on the wrong path. Have an open mind to learning and be ready to grow into a internship and you’ll be fine!

2. Confidence Takes Time

It’s very rare for a person to walk into a new job or situation and feel full of confidence right away, it important to remember that nerves are normal! Whether it’s  a conference call or a meeting with clients, a presentation for your boss or a conversation with colleagues, confidence in these areas of the workplace will come over time. If you’re struggling with confidence, then speak to your boss, remember – everyone has been here before!

It won’t be long before all those daunting tasks will feel like second nature to you days, weeks and months down the line.

3. Expect Constructive Criticism

This will be an integral part of the job as a digital marketing intern, it’s easy to take feedback on your performance as a negative, but try not to, it a great way to grow and learn. Usually if you’re doing something incorrectly, then your boss will show you the right way to perform a task. If they don’t show you straight away or they forget, then give them a little nudge.

Performance and progress meetings are also a feature of the job and a good way for you to receive feedback on your performance, however they’re also a two-way conversation with your employer. It’s important if you have opinions or thoughts of your own, that this is the time to express them.

4. Take a Step Back

As a digital marketer, you’ll be using a lot of brain power every day, but it’s important to give your brain a break. Don’t feel obliged to work at 100mph for every second of the day, no one expects you to be like this. You’ll be in serious danger of burning out before the internship is over, which isn’t good for you or your employer.

It’s pretty important for your general well-being that you try leave your desk at lunch times, give your eyes a break from the screen and stay well fed and hydrated. It’ll leave you feeling rested and refreshed and ready to come back and do your best work!

5. Increasing Independence

As the weeks go by and you start to get more comfortable in your internship, it’s normal for your boss to take bigger and bigger steps away from everyday involvement in your tasks. This is where the growth, independence and initiative part comes in. Don’t be afraid to suggest your own tasks to your boss, make suggestions in strategy meetings or with clients. You never know, you might be bringing a fresh perspective to the situation, plus you’ll kick yourself if you don’t chip in.

Less involvement from your boss also means that it’s down to you to plan your days better, use tools like online calendars, notepads and post-it notes to keep yourself reminded of tasks and deadlines.

6. Love to Learn

While every day can feel like a huge learning curve as a digital marketing intern, you might find that you’re not busy with something to do 100% of the time. This is a good time to do some extra research on areas you feel you might need improvement on. Sign-up for some marketing-specific webinars, research some industry appropriate conferences you might be able to attend. You might even ask your boss if he can point you in the direction of some marketing revision material, if they haven’t already. It’s fine to be be enthusiastic, it’ll go down well with your boss.

In addition to extra activities you can complete in the office, or at home, your boss may even suggest sending you on some extra marketing courses to enhance your knowledge around digital marketing, grab these opportunities with both hands and squeeze everything you can from them! You might even be able to spin your experiences into a blog for the company website.

7. Consider Your Colleagues

Building up meaningful relationship with your colleagues can be incredibly rewarding and can make the settling in stage less scary. If your colleagues suggest drinks after work or want to take the ‘newbie’ to lunch, then take the plunge and say yes.

Often social events with work can be hugely rewarding and will help you get to the know the people you spend on average 40 hours a week with! Talking to your colleagues about their job roles can also help you grow, if you’re working for an agency and there are a wide variety of job roles in the office, it’s great to get a full picture of how the company and all it’s cogs function.


Time to kick start your career. If you want to have gain more digital marketing experience, sign-up to take our training and learn from working on a real-life to see if it’s something you enjoy. 

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