7 Things You Should Be Doing in Uni To Stand Out In A Digital Marketing Interview

Digital Marketing Interview

There is a reason why we regard our university years as the best years of our lives: we get to be free, we can explore the world and explore our strengths and weaknesses.

The greatest benefit of college or university is discovering who you are and figuring out what you want to do after your graduation day. Many students would think about pursuing a career in the banking industry, others would pursue a master’s degree while some may start a career in the information technology sector.

The digital marketing industry is very unique and is continuing to outshine other traditional lines of business as a preferred employment route. It appeals to millennials who love blogging or using social media to express themselves.

Digital marketing is an open field that welcomes all, at any stage of development. Given the right work ethic, anyone focused on their goals can master one or several key areas of digital marketing even before they graduate.

If you’re someone who wants to pursue a career in the digital marketing industry after graduation, your life just got much easier.

Here are 7 things you can do to not only nail your job application, but to impress your soon-to-be bosses during a digital marketing interview.

Ready for the next big step in your life? Let’s begin.

#1 Have Your Own Website

Irrespective of the area of digital marketing you want to focus on, running your own website will give you a better understanding of the business on the whole.

You will learn from a practical perspective what can make or break a website, from the design, to content and search engine optimisation (SEO).

Just for kicks, your interviewer might decide to throw in some digital mumbo-jumbo to trip you up, but as you run your own website and follow these steps, you will learn more than enough for your first few months on the job.

#2 Learn SEO On Your Own Blog

Even if you only got interested in digital marketing this morning, you’ve probably heard or seen SEO branded all over the place. Companies pay thousands and sometimes millions to marketers for SEO.

When I started off as a blogger, the thought of SEO scared me. It seemed so infinitely complex and unnecessarily long-winded. Why can’t people just like my page because my content is great?

Why do I need keywords?

Why does Google have to be so complex?

Now, not only is SEO no longer daunting, it is pretty enjoyable and quite frankly, it’s one of the best ways to get your message or brand across.

Learning how to apply SEO to blogs and seeing your website’s ranking increase for certain keywords will give you a lot of confidence and practical experience.

#3 Start An AdWords Campaign And Practice Optimisation

An AdWords campaign? What is that? It’s your ticket to stardom, my friend.

Okay maybe not, but it is important to know how to run one, if you don’t want to end up costing your company $10,000 in one day.

You know those sponsored listings that you see at the top on Google when you look-up something? Yeah, those are AdWords.

AdWords are a great way to boost a company’s popularity, provided it is already beginning to pick up steam on search engines.

Following up from step 1, you can run AdWords for yourself, or find a friend with an eCommerce site who needs help. That’s right, you don’t have to risk your own hard-earned cash, just find a patsy. Kidding.

Setting up AdWords is the easy part, optimising it to make sure it gets noticed and chosen is the slightly harder part. It’s worth noting that Google is updating its policies and guidelines for AdWords every now and then, so you must strive to be updated with the new rules to ensure that you will have a higher success rate than the others.

#4- Build Up Your Profile On Facebook and Twitter

Beyond having a ton of friends and followers, social media is about learning how people react and what information they are drawn to. You should spend time knowing how you could work this information to your advantage.

Everyone dreams of going viral, and while most people do so by mistake, you can become viral by learning what makes these apps tick and how people ‘stumble’ on videos.

Don’t forget, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn usage and mastery would also boost your CV.

#5 Start Documenting Your Journey and Write Blog Posts And Articles

Content is king when it comes to digital marketing. AdWords campaigns, SEO, social media pages, websites, blogs etc, the list goes on. It all revolves around written content.

A lot of people shy away from blogs because they think they don’t know how to write. Well, I often tell people if you can talk to a crowd, you can write. While some people have the gift, most people can learn how to write to a good enough level for a personal blog.

Keeping a blog will get you comfortable with writing frequently, and that alone will help you improve. Writing freelance articles will not only give you more experience, but it is a good way to get some extra money, which will come in handy for the next couple of steps…

#6 Get Comfortable In Front Of A Video Camera

People love videos. Not only are they an easier and more entertaining way of communicating, they are also becoming necessary.

E-learning is growing fast and may one day overtake actual classrooms. With changes like these, tomorrow’s digital marketers must be adept at understanding video content and being the person in the video.

Journalism or public speaking classes might help get you on your way, just in case you are feeling shy. And with the money gained from freelance writing, you can now afford a video camera, or a Smartphone with killer video recording.

#7 Follow Digital Marketing Leaders

Finally, keep up with what is happening in the industry. Just like everything else in our world, digital marketing is ever evolving. Follow the key players – influencers, publications and companies. Attend conferences when you can.

Not only will you gain a better understanding of the market, you will also have a clearer picture of what branch of digital marketing you want to get into and which company to choose.

Learn Before The Job to Get The Job

A minimum investment of a couple of hours a week will get you going on these 7 steps and you will be on your way to becoming the next great marketing phenom. Who knows, you might even get so good at it you won’t need to apply for any job after graduation.

While some employers don’t mind taking the time out to train new people, most would rather have a finished product, that’s the reason why they always ask for prior experience, which leaves you wondering how you’re meant to get a job if you have to have had a job to get a job. Confusing, right?

Follow these steps and you will have all the experience you need to get a great job in the digital marketing world. I would wish you good luck, but I doubt you need it.

Another way to get some end to end campaign experience and work out if digital marketing is the job for you is to sign up to our programme. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

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