Top 7 Digital Marketing Tools New Grads Should Learn How to Use

Top 7 Digital Marketing Tools New Grads Should Learn How to Use

Digital marketing has successfully emerged out as the most influential and powerful tool of modern age marketing and advertising. The best thing about digital marketing is its ability to directly communicate with the targeted customers quickly.

This new platform of marketing has been recognised by modern age entrepreneurs, marketers and even the giants in the tech industry believe that their digital marketing efforts have generated more exposure for their businesses.

While digital marketing has many advantages, it is not as easy as it sounds and takes a lot of knowledge to perfect. There are endless tools available and especially, as a new grad, you often find yourself at the cross roads deciding which ones to prioritise. We have researched to find out the top of the line tools used by leading digital marketing fanatics.

These tools have been proved to be the best for almost all kinds of digital marketing campaigns and new grads must take a hold of them. So let’s a have a look at some of these cool tools that can make your digital media marketing more efficient and accurate.

1. Google Analytics

Thanks to Google, Google Analytics is a marvellous tool that not only lets you track information and analyse the way users interact with your website, but also helps you track the performance of your keywords in order to run a successful campaign. The best thing is that it is completely free and has a lot to offer.

  • It helps you analyse that how visitors perceive your website by tracking their activities.
  • Apart from optimising the core set of keywords, you can also engineer new keywords by finding out other keywords your visitor’s type in to find your website.
  • Allows importing data from other sources and cross-platform linkage between other Google products.
  • Ease of use and flexibility is fantastic; you can easily use it on mobile and other digital devices.
  • Helps you identify and track which pages and links your visitors click the most.
  • One outstanding feature in Google Analytics is that it helps you link data between other Google products.

2. Google Keyword Planner

Keyword panning is critical in digital marketing. New marketers often fail to utilise the opportunity to target customers through keywords. As a grad, learning how to use keywords in marketing will set you ahead of the game. The key is to step into customer’s shoes and think like them.

It also helps you to analyse and interpret how the list of keywords might perform in case you are thinking about running a paid campaign. It helps you save time by analysing the change in results after linking your Google AdWords keyword planner account with Google Analytics. You can also find more keywords and AdWord suggestions as it divides the keywords into suggested sets.

Top 7 Digital Marketing Tools New Grads Should Learn How to Use

3. Buffer

Buffer is one of the most popular digital marketing tools because it’s user friendly and not to difficult to use. Buffer’s best feature is it’s ability to schedule posts on Google+ and the browser plugins, so that you can easily cross post content from Facebook to Google+.

You can also assign team members to handle social accounts, so that Twitter, Pinterest, and G+ accounts can be serviced by more people other than the primary owner. Buffer makes social media management easier and more efficient.

Top 7 Digital Marketing Tools New Grads Should Learn How to Use

4. Hootsuite

Hootsuite has a forever free version and a paid package. HootSuite enables you to manage numerous social media accounts, all in one place, saving you from the agony of remembering pesky passwords all across the separate socail accounts.

With HootSuite, you can post all updates quickly, connect with your customer base, and review responses on almost all the popular social networks, such as Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Facebook (including Events, Profiles, Groups, and Fan Pages) Google+, WordPress blogs, etc.

In short, with HootSuite you can easily manage multiple contributors, update multiple networks in one step and optimise delivery.

Top 7 Digital Marketing Tools New Grads Should Learn How to Use

5. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is regarded as one of the best and accurate tools for discovering new, fresh and popular content on the web. Buzzsumo is pretty handy and easy to use, just enter a topic or keyword and it will immediately provide you with a breakdown of some of the most popular trending posts in those categories.

Along with that you also get a list of influencers who are sharing that content and you can even reach out to them via twitter. Buzzsomo is an excellent way to learn about new idea and techniques used by influencers in your industry and this can help you grow your following, visibility, and reputation.

Top 7 Digital Marketing Tools New Grads Should Learn How to Use

6. Oktopost

Oktopost has all the typical features of social media management and analytics, but it is specifically designed for B2B companies. It allows you to schedule your content as well as gauge its effectiveness. The user can tag all the related messages to any campaign, see the individual calendar for those particular messages, and later determines the performance with the campaign analytics.

Oktopost has another incredible benefit. It can track social conversations. The tool helps marketers and brand ambassadors to measure the impact of social messages and learn more about what their customers think of their company. 

Top 7 Digital Marketing Tools New Grads Should Learn How to Use

7. Jorhna

Another smart way of targeting customers is to let affiliates do it for you. The giants in the industry like Amazon and eBay are already utilising this great opportunity to increase sales. There are a lot of affiliate extensions developed by third parties, and you can pick one from the marketplace of the particular e-commerce platform you are using.

If you are using Magento, Jorhna is an incredible tool created by FME that will allow you to create and design your affiliate program based on certain set of criteria and priorities. Moreover, the extension comes with a sophisticated dashboard that helps you configure the commission rate and create accounts and custom link.


I believe the success mantra in marketing is “to go where the customer is” and customers are everywhere. The tools mentioned above are by far the most widely used and appreciated by experts in the field. These tools will help maximise your marketing efforts and will help you take your digital marketing results to the next level.

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