10 Useful Digital Marketing Tools for Beginners

So you’re looking for your dream job in digital marketing and you keep coming up against the need for experience.

It’s true employers look for experience, first and foremost, when they are recruiting for roles. It may seem a little unfair but there are some things you can do that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, as you’ve just left university, with debt up to your eyeballs.

Listed below, are ten great digital marketing tools that won’t break the bank. They’re great because if you master how to use them you have immediately given yourself some experience, AND you can use them to help you find a great job.

Look no further as you don’t need any fancy tech, nor do you need to sell your kidney, you just need to open up your search engine (or click on one of the links we’ve provided!).

Let’s get started!


1: Biteable

Biteable is an ideal digital marketing tool for graduates that allow them to create high-quality videos for promotional basis. It is a free, user-friendly and highly-customizable platform that helps you get started with your web marketing career on the fly.

The tool offers a ton of assorted styles, ranging from animated videos to photo scenes to live action – which makes it easy for you to create your visually-grabbing content for your targeted web audience. Plus, there is a variety of ready-made templates that you can use to save your precious time and effort.

Even, you can customize your video by your own by adding customized text or photos into it using drag and drop builder. There is also an option to add background music into the video. You just need to select the available track based on the nature of your video.

Biteable comes with a free plan that includes high-quality video creation, YouTube integration and unlimited videos.

2: Content Idea Generator

Though there are tons of content idea generator tools available in the web market, but I would suggest beginners to use Portent. It includes some of the intriguing features that let you create fresh and inviting title for your blog posts and articles in a matter of seconds.

All you need to do is to submit the subject of your choice and the tool will automatically display you the results with relevant and captivating titles.

The tool will merge the strings and phrases with the other successful piece of content to let you showcase the variations of topics from your niche. After that, you can edit and use the most trending topic to accelerate your digital marketing campaigns.

3. Marchex

Mobile marketing has become a vital part of a successful digital marketing. If you want to boost the sales and revenues of your business, you will need to promote your brand to your potential web customers directly on their mobile devices.

This is where Marchex technology comes into play.

It is an incredible mobile advertising tool for web marketing nerds. The tool helps you meet your business goals in a very effective and efficient. It lets you know the number of leads you generated via digital marketing campaign and how much revenue you can drive by optimizing your media expenditure.

4. Slicktext

Simplify the text or SMS marketing campaign by using Slicktext. The tool helps you send text message for business promotion basis to the potential customers in quick and easy way.  

Since people respond quickly to the text messages as compared to other communication sources, make sure you leverage this technology to get the best out of it.

From Schools to business organizations, everyone is using this tool to convey the desired message to the right bunch of people in a matter of few clicks. It comes with an intuitive dashboard and back-end support to let you fulfil your desired goals with ease.

Though SlickText offers different pricing structures, you can opt for its free plan that allows you send 50 texts/month, 1 Textword and unlimited customers.

5. SumoMe Share

Drive more quality traffic towards your site by integrating this social media share tool. It is a simple, intuitive and intriguing technology that allows you to share your content across the digital landscape using inbuilt social share icons.

There is a drag-and drop-setup feature that lets you setup Share to display exactly where you want on your website, without getting your hands messy in coding. This means it is a fantastic tool for beginners who find difficulties in doing coding stuff.

You can enjoy its free trail to explore more about its features in built-in capabilities.

6. Open Site Explorer

Generate link building opportunities by using this powerful tool. Open Site Explorer helps you do complete research on backlinks, identify top pages, evaluate anchor text and see social activity in a matter of few minutes.

The tool is ideally designed for those who are new in this field and want to improve their site’s ranking by optimizing the content of their site for Google and other search engines.

7. Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of most popular social media channels across the nation.  Over one million of people daily access their Facebook accounts either to connect with their loved ones or to explore more about social news. The customer reach is brilliant and that is the reason why marketers are promoting their brands on Facebook.

You can avail the Facebook ads services to promote your brand directly to your targeted web audience. You can create the ads based on the preferences of your customers to let them get engaged to your products quickly and easily.

The tool lets you target adverts to the people who are mostly interested in your products via Facebook ads.

8. Google DFA

DoubleClick offered by Google is an outstanding ad management and ad serving solution that will help new graduates to manage their online advertising in a breeze.

The tool makes it easier for you manage your entire advertising campaign management, ranging from media planning to reporting. It lets you work in a smarter and quicker way to generate quality results before time.

It is a simple and intuitive tool that comes with unified insights and cross-screen features to let you manage your marketing campaign for generating effective results.


Buffer is a feature-rich social media marketing tool that helps you schedule, publish and examine all your posts in one place. With over 3 million active users, Buffer has become one of the leading marketing tools across the web

It shares your content across social media platforms to let followers see your updates on their accounts at ease. You can try its free plan that lets you create one social account for promotional basis.


Boost your digital marketing revenues by integrating this powerful and result-driven web  technology tool that can take your business to the next level.

It is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools that offer both the diverse work force and innovative system to generate quality leads and higher conversions for businesses.


These are the 10 most powerful digital marketing tools that are designed especially for beginners and new graduates.