Entry Level Account Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Entry Level Account Manager Interview Questions and Answers by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

Learn How to Ace Your Entry Level Account Manager Interview with These Practice Questions and Answers

Acing your entry level account manager interview is no easy thing. The questions are going to be tough, but if you use our guide to prepare your answers you’re bound to do well.

Account managers and executives play a key role in business. They create the essential relationships that keep clients returning to companies again and again. Account managers have to have excellent communication, interpersonal and organisation skills. Fortunately for your interviewers, they’ll be able to see these first hand when you meet. Unfortunately for you, this means that you have to be on top form.

The Top Entry Level Account Manager Interview Questions and Answers

1 – Why is establishing long term client relationships important?

If you can’t answer this question… why are you going for an account manager job? Making relationships is what it’s all about.

The reason behind establishing long term relationships with clients is to increase value for everyone involved. Elaborate on this point with a focus on both sides of the relationship – company and customer – and you’re sure to ace this question.

2 – Tell me about a time when you managed a dissatisfied client. How did you handle the situation and what was the outcome?

Here you want to use the classic storytelling format (employers love this).

  • Set the scene: who was the client? Who was the client to you? What was their issue? What effect was this having?
  • Next move into the action: how did you approach the situation? How did the customer respond?
  • Finally close the story: how did you reach a resolution? What was the outcome and its effect on your relationship?

Much of account managing is really about managing people. You need to listen and be aware of your client’s thoughts, feelings and needs to form a great relationship.

3 – How do you manage your time?

One of the key characteristics of a fantastic account manager is organisation. You’ll be dealing with multiple clients at once, so keeping organised is key to your success.

Feel free to talk about managing anything from big projects to your personal email (I’m sitting at 500+ unread emails so I don’t think a job as an account manager is in the cards…)

4 – How do you build relationships with new people?

Account management is all about communication skills. You should be demonstrating your expertise throughout the interview, but you might get a specific communication question like this one.

The first step to building a relationship is finding common ground. You can do this by practicing excellent listening skills and asking the right questions. Remember that business relationships are all about value: how do you help your clients?

After the initial connection is made, focusing on regular contact is a must. It can be difficult to juggle relationships when you’re dealing with a busy work life, but when your work is relationships there’s no excuse.

Using the storytelling format again here would be a great way to demonstrate that you’re already a fantastic, experienced relationship-builder.

5 – Sell me a product.

Much of your role as an account manager is sales. Your ultimate goal is to increase company revenue, so you might have to pitch a product or two to hit your targets. This is a great time to demonstrate your expertise by pitching one of the company’s own products to their interviewer.

This will show your ambition alongside your enthusiasm for the company. Just make sure you do it well!

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