FAQ: ‘What is the DigitalGrads Hiring Platform?’

Once you’ve completed our training, you’ll be faced with the next step… the ‘DigitalGrads Hiring Platform!’ – Don’t worry, it is not as intimidating as it first appears…

In a nutshell – the DigitalGrads Hiring Platform is an online platform where employers come to browse graduate profiles to see who the best fit for their position might be.

You can have a browse of our hiring platform here and meet the grads one step away from finding that first job!

For our hiring platform guidelines, click here!

How does your platform work?

Our hiring platform works like this:

You apply, we create your profile and make your profile live to employers. Employers then can view your profile and send you messages, you can also apply for jobs though our Hiring Platform.

You can Sign Up here!

What is the process for getting on to the Hiring Platform?

We operate a 4 step process for getting on to the Hiring Platform:

  • Step 1 – Complete our online training. The training is free for anyone who has graduated within the last 3 years, no catches.

(Read our FAQ page on the Academy for more advice.)  

  • Step 2 – Pass our eligibility process. This involves sending us evidence of your right to work in the UK, evidence of your degree grades and evidence of relevant work experience. See below for the full list we require.
  • Step 3 – Submit a short intro video – you can find more instructions here >
  • Step 4 – Have an assessment interview with one of the DigitalGrads team.

Can anyone get onto the Hiring Platform?

Unfortunately, not. Hiring Platform profiles are exclusive to people who have passed our DigitalGrads eligibility criteria. See below for the full list we require.

What are the eligibility criteria?

Getting into Digital is competitive, and to make sure your profile is attractive to employers we ask you to provide us with the following information:

  • Your CV.
  • Graduation date and evidence of your degree (certificate).
  • Passport or Driving Licence as evidence of right to work in the UK.
  • Evidence of relevant work experience (or your own work) totalling 6 months or more.
  • Portfolio work, which has to meet the standard required by the businesses we represent.
  • A 30-60 second profile video 

Can you guarantee me work after the training?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we will find you a suitable role, but we promise that we will do our damnedest to help you. We only get paid when we place you into employment, so it really is a win-win for us both.

We pride ourselves in being the best (and only) organisation that specialises in digital training and recruitment. That means we have a much better chance of finding you a role with an employer who needs specific digital skills.

When does my profile go live on the Hiring Platform?

Your Hiring Platform profile goes live when you have met all of our eligibility criteria.

When this process is complete you can expect a decision within 2 workings days and your profile to be live within a further 5 days.

How long does it take to get a job at DigitalGrads?

Once your profile is live on our Hiring Platform and an employer selects you, they would follow their normal interview process which may include a Skype or telephone interview followed by one or two face-to-face interviews. A normal recruitment process would take at least a month from selection, sometimes longer.

Getting into digital is incredibly competitive, and we don’t have all the jobs available, so we encourage you to continue your job search elsewhere too.

How many grads get jobs through DigitalGrads?

Within 3 months of being on the Platform, over 50% of grads get jobs through us. 80% of grads who make it on to the Platform and who complete our training go on to get jobs in digital whether that’s through us or by themselves.

Can I get an internship through DigitalGrads?

Absolutely yes. All our internships are designed to transition to full-time roles. So if at this time you are only looking for a 3 or 6 month internship because you are for example going travelling later, we will bear you in mind if that comes up with an employer, but we won’t add you to the Hiring Platform. You continue to be welcome to take the training and we encourage you to come back to us when you are looking for your first full-time permanent role.

What is a DigitalGrads Internship?

A DigitalGrads Internship is a fixed-term full-time work contract that typically lasts for between 1-6 months. It is a paid placement designed to get you the all-important work experience in a business. Internships are ideal for those of you who have not yet had any consistent time working for one employer in digital marketing. The main difference between a DigitalGrads internships and those from other grad recruitment agencies, is that we are on hand throughout to answer any marketing related questions you may have. You also retain access to our training portal during year 1 of employment.

Does an Internship guarantee me a permanent role?

There are no guarantees in life! It is always our hope that the employer you work for during the Internship offers you a full-time role at the end of the contract. The employers are typically using the Internship programme to try out new graduates for vacant positions.

What happens if I’m not offered a permanent role at the end of the Internship?

First off it’s not the end of the world, and doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong. Businesses change their minds about all sorts of things – all of the time. It’s also not goodbye from us. Now that you have an Internship under your belt we will work equally hard to find you a permanent position. We will update and re-fresh your Hiring Platform profile to reflect all the fab new experience you have, and we will help you find a permanent position.

If I do an internship or the training with you, do I have to get a full-time role through you?

You are not bound to us in any way. It’s our hope that the DigitalGrads Hiring Platform helps you get a permanent role, of course we’d like it to be through us, but the important thing is that you get a job. So whether that’s through us or through someone else, we will be congratulating you all the same.

To summarize…

We hope this FAQ page has helped to answer most, if not all, of your questions. If you would like to know anything else please just drop us an email to hello@digitalgrads.com or click here to get started!

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