How To Get Ahead In The Digital Marketing Job Hunt As A Student

How To Get Ahead In The Digital Marketing Job Hunt As A Student

After the cap throwing photos have been snapped and the graduation party hangover has worn off, many graduates will be faced with the somewhat scary prospect of hunting for a job. One thing you will certainly realise is that when looking for entry level roles, many applicants will have a degree. You need something to make you stand out from the crowd, to make your job hunt successful. Fear not DigitalGrads, I am here to give you my top ways to get ahead in the digital marketing job hunt.

Start blogging or writing for your University paper

Doing some writing in your spare time for any kind of outlet is a great way to gain experience of producing copy. Digital Marketing roles which focus on production of content will often involve writing for website blogs, social media posts, emails, the list goes on. As such agencies will require individuals who can prove they write clearly and concisely. Doing guest blog posts or writing for your university newspaper is a great way to show off your writing abilities to potential employers .Here’s a link to an article on Solvid which lists over 300 sites which accept guest blogs, so get writing!

Top ways you can get ahead in the digital marketing job hunt as an undergrad

Manage a social media page

One of the biggest parts of a digital executive’s job will be to manage client’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages and boost engagement. Showing that you can build up a social media profile and post regular content which engages with your followers will make you stand out from other candidates in the jobs market. One way to do this could be enhancing your own social media page, perhaps giving your page a theme be it fitness, food or fashion and expanding within your particular community. You could also manage the page of your university sports club or society. Pumping out engaging content regularly and expanding your reach will look great to employers and put you a step ahead of other grads.

Get Google Adwords certified

Many Digital Marketing jobs will involve, the management of Pay Per Click advertising campaigns. These are typically conducted through Google AdWords. The Google academy for ads runs a free course which upon completion will make you Adwords certified. All you have to do is complete a short complete on Adwords fundamentals before finishing an optional module on Video, Display, Search, Shopping or Mobile search advertising. Completing the course will show employers that you are proactive in your approach to gaining digital marketing skills as well as demonstrating good knowledge of how to run PPC campaigns.

Top ways you can get ahead in the digital marketing job hunt as an undergrad

Find a relevant part time job

This point is very much tied in with the previous tips, in that it would be great for you to do a part time job which involves any of the skills already mentioned. Getting a part time job managing a Social media profile, producing content for blogs or even helping with SEO or PPC advertising would really make you stand out in the jobs market. Checking Indeed for remote access work or searching your university job shop for relevant roles are good strategies. At my university, just last month a role was advertised for a part time digital media assistant, working in a faculty, so it’s certainly not unheard of to find relevant part time jobs.

Get a summer internship

A good, relevant internship is something of a holy grail in terms of CV embellishments. Despite being tricky to get onto, getting some prior experience of working in digital marketing can really put you a cut above the rest when looking for a job. If you find you’re struggling to get onto a programme, see if your university offers internships which are exclusive to you and your fellow students. These programmes are far less competitive as the candidate pool is far smaller.

Searching for a job after graduation can seem a little daunting, but if you make sure you are prepared on graduation day you will be in great stead to find the perfect role for you. Gaining prior, relevant experience will give you an edge over the rest and is really your best chance to land a great job.

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