How To Nail A Graduate Job Interview In SEO

How to Nail a Job Interview in SEO

Graduate job interviews are never not terrifying, even for the most prepared and unfazed candidate. There is something unsettling about willingly subjecting yourself to being judged as a person, from your professional qualifications and work ethics, even to how you present yourself physically. Wear this and not that, say this and not that.

The paradox is almost hilarious—you have to give the impression that they need you and your particular skill set, but deep down, we all know we need the job more. You see, any professional relationship is meant to be a symbiotic one, and the job interview is an opportunity for both parties to see how they can potentially benefit from each other. This is true for most job interviews, including those for SEO job openings.  So, how to nail a graduate job interview in SEO ? 

How should you present yourself? What kind of questions will most likely be asked? What will you need to bring? Interviewing for an SEO job is just like a regular job interview but also different in that it is a fairly new industry. There aren’t as many tried-and-tested strategies on how to succeed in one besides the usual. Here, we’ve compiled four sure ways for you to nail that interview for the SEO job of your dreams, so read on. Here are some advices for nailing a graduate job interview in SEO.


How to Nail a Job Interview in SEO


Do your research for a graduate job interview in SEO

This one is true for every job interview, but particularly crucial for SEO. Do your research on what the job opening will require from you, what the company’s style is, and how your experience fits into the whole picture.
Make sure you are up to date with the new developments in SEO and read from reliable sources. Employers will want new information and new tools—the more obscure, the better.


That said, it is also important to read your own resume and take out any untruths. It is extremely embarrassing to be asked about something technical you put on your resume and not have any idea what to say.
Another reason why it is important to re-read your resume is to make sure you remember what you put there and not come up blank when asked about a job experience you’ve all but forgotten about.


You may be asked about blogs you read, what your workflow is, and which area in SEO you are an expert at—make sure to prepare an answer to these questions with enough detail and without rambling on.


How to Nail a Job Interview in SEO


Bring a portfolio.

Don’t just come prepared on what to say, be equipped with facts and figures from your former clients. You may be able to talk up a storm and impress them, but chances are your potential employers will want to see proof and actual results from your previous work.


This can be online or printed, but it is better to have both in case the situation calls for it. Make sure to present your analytics in a visually attractive manner. Your interviewer will likely judge you by your analytics—after all, it is why they are looking to hire.


Find a skill you are great at and how it applies to SEO

This can be the edge that will set you a cut above the rest of the candidates who may have the same, if not more, SEO expertise as you. Find a particular skill you have that does not necessarily have anything to do with SEO, and then make a connection as to how it can help you do your job in SEO.
For example, if you’re proficient in a foreign language and enjoy writing, you can connect this with geography-specific SEO and writing better blog and social media content. Or, maybe you particularly enjoy working with data and can use that skill to gauge whether a certain campaign or strategy is working as effectively as it should.


Prepare for situational questions

Because SEO is very skill-based and subjective to every individual, your interviewer might present you with certain situations and ask you to give solutions or formulate a strategy. Don’t feel pressured into giving a quick answer; think it through and ask clarifying questions. Your interviewer will most likely appreciate attention to details rather than a fast yet ill-informed answer. Once you are ready to respond, keep it concise and make sure you explain the why and not just the what. In these types of questions, your reasoning is being evaluated as much as your know-how.


The key to any job interview is to always come prepared; know what they want and know what you want. Make sure to do everything you can to prepare so you can go in with confidence. Lastly, just relax, take note of the four tips above on how to nail that interview. You will be well on your way to start your SEO career.

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