Frequently Asked Questions

We're on a mission to match talented university graduates and entry-level job hunters with innovative tech and media industry employers. With DigitalGrads you have a team of recruiters working on your side, helping you ace your interviews and impress employers.

While we are a recruitment platform, our work isn't limited to finding people amazing jobs. We know that entry-level job hunters can make a massive difference to small businesses, but we also know that the skills you truly need to thrive in a fast-paced startup or agency aren't taught at university. That's why we teach them for free in our Academy training courses.

If you have any questions get in touch by emailing or calling us on 020 3951 8891.

What is the DigitalGrads Hiring Platform?

Our platform is a job hunting tool that makes applications and training easy. You can apply to junior roles with one single profile that clearly displays your skills and experiences to employers.

Our academy is a collection of training courses designed to help you develop your interview and workplace skills.

How does DigitalGrads differ from a normal recruiter?

We're not like other recruiters because our work isn't just about securing that a job offer: we've built a free training platform to help you sharpen your skills, we support you throughout every interview and help you make a profile to use in every application.

Basically, with DigitalGrads you get all of the expertise of a regular recruiter but extra helpings of support, guidance and care. 

"I feel like DigitalGrads gave a sh*t about if I got the job or not. It's that personal touch that really separated DigitalGrads from other ways of applying for jobs..."

Is the training free?

Yes, all of our training courses are free.

Is DigitalGrads just for graduates?

No! We work with job hunters from all kinds of backgrounds, from school leavers and graduates to career changers.

What kind of jobs do you have for me?

We can help you find a job in: marketing, sales, customer support, data, design and development disciplines. All of our roles will require between 0 and 3 years of industry experience.

All of our jobs are with startups and agencies in the tech and media industries in the UK.

Can I use DigitalGrads from outside the UK?

Yes, you're welcome to use DigitalGrads from outside the UK and to access our training. Please bear in mind that we work with UK employers, so our jobs are usually only open to people who can work in the UK, though there will be exceptions to this. Employers might consider people relocating to the UK, but please be aware that the practicalities and timing of this process might be problematic.

I don't have right to work in the UK, can you help me find a job?

You're welcome to apply for the jobs on our platform, but please bear in mind that most of our roles are not suitable/eligible for visa sponsorship, so being unable to work in the UK is likely to make your application unsuccessful.

If you're eligible for a non-sponsored visa that allows you to work in the UK temporarily, we encourage you to explore obtaining one to boost your chances.

What is the process?

Our standard hiring process looks like this:

  1. You apply for your dream job with DigitalGrads
  2. You create your profile, adding your education, work experience, location, summary, right to work details and then take some training
  3. Your profile is reviewed by one of our Talent Consultants and is made live for the employer to see
  4. Our Talent team will ask you any initial screening questions before sending you an application task
  5. You will complete your task and it will be reviewed by our employer
  6. You'll then get an interview invitation and some guidance from our team on how to prepare for your interview
  7. You'll meet and impress the employer in a virtual or in-person interview
  8. You'll get invited to the final round interview and obviously ace it
  9. Then you'll receive your job offer

If you aren't successful we won't leave you out to dry. We'll always fight on your side to ensure that you get feedback and know about new opportunities.

How long will it take?

There could be any number of days between your first sign up and receiving a job offer. Most of our successful candidates tend to get their offer within a few weeks of joining us, but there is always an exception to this! Our record for fastest hire is 3 days after they signed up.

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