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Upskill in digital before being ​matched with the best entry-level roles in tech start-ups and digital businesses. 

And that's not all, if you graduated within the last 3 years, it's completely free!

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Are you sick and tired of applying for roles and never hearing back? Perhaps you're frustrated with being told you lack experience? The DigitalGrads Academy will change all that...

Don't take it from us, here's what our recent cohort of grads said...


Quant Network

I've posted my CV to other job sites and never heard anything back, but that wasn't my experience with DigitalGrads - I was invited to many interviews and that experience was vital for building my confidence.

The courses were easy for beginners to understand,, but I believe that the most important thing was the support of the staff. They were engaged and hands-on at every stage of my job hunt, from CVs to interviews and eventually job offers.


Lively Agency

DigitalGrads have been so great. I was looking for an industry job for what felt like a lifetime. They really quickly found me a job that I am so happy with and I'm v excited to be starting my career.

I couldn't recommend them highly enough. It is so stressful and confusing applying for creative jobs but DigitalGrads eliminated all the stress and helped guide me to the right job.

Thanks guys!​



Amazing team that are dedicated to making sure you are equipped with the relevant digital marketing skills that are most needed and sought after in the industry at no extra cost to you. 

And they do everything they can to make sure you get the right job and experience in a reputable company


Screaming Frog

I just landed my dream career as a​ Digital Marketing Consultant, and a huge part of that win was because of DigitalGrads. ​

While it's in their interest to get you hired (it's how they earn their money) it was more like every member of staff were personally invested and interested in helping you start your career. You can tell DigitalGrads really care about what they do and the graduates they help. 10/10 on all fronts, thanks again!

Stop wasting your time applying to companies...

...spend your time learning new skills, whilst companies apply to you!

1. Train with us

Spend your time learning practical digital skills and technical competencies.

2. Create profile

We'll help you create an online profile that shows what you are capable of.

3. Get job offers

Chat to employers, accept interview requests, and receive job offers.

No more recruiters, CVs or cover letters

Let tech start-ups and digital agencies like these apply to you!

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It's simple and it works!

How can I get started?

Simply sign-up on our Application page and our graduate community manager will be in touch to get you started.

Who can see my profile?

Your full profile is only visible to real businesses who have signed up to The DigitalGrads platform. Your profile is not visible from anywhere else on the Internet.

Why is the training free?

We know that graduates leave university with huge debt and have no steady source of income. So we designed our business model to help those of you who graduated within the last 3 years.

Are you a recruitment agency?

Not in the traditional sense. We're a career development platform with employment opportunities. Our technology does the matching and puts the hiring into the hands of the employer, so we can spend our time developing more training.

How quickly will I get a job?

It really depends. Some people are only on the Hiring Hub a matter of days before they get a job. Generally speaking, the stronger your profile, the quicker the hire.

Why should you sign-up with DigitalGrads?

Our ​scholarship is 100% free for recent grads and bridges the gap between university studies, and the realities of the working environment.

We are not recruiters. We have spent our time and effort building a ​career development platform so that candidates and employers can make valuable connections.

We believe that everyone has the right to be paid fairly for the work they do.

Grads are no exception.





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​Say hello to the companies who support our scholarships...

“Great people to work with. Friendly, good communicators and I love the concept. 

We've already got one great DigitalGrad working for us, doing a great job"

Chris Field, 
Chief Marketing Officer, Yoti

Reload Digital

“We've been very impressed with the whole experience, and found it much more successful that recruiting grads directly ourselves. Far better than any recruiter experience we've had in the past."

Marnie Ashe,
General Manager, Reload 

“We hired through DigitalGrads - not only do I love the concept, but the team behind it are genuine, friendly & helpful. We've been approached by many recruitment companies and DigitalGrads are the first we've been happy with! 

Dan Williams,
Co-founder, Workshop

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