A Guide To Moving Back Home After Uni

A guide to moving back home after uni

So, you’ve got your degree, you’ve lived independently for at least three years and now you’re facing the possibility of moving back home. Will it work and can you cope after so long with your own space?

See it as a saving opportunity

Eventually you’ll want your own space and in recent years, getting on the property ladder has been getting increasingly harder. In the majority of cases, living with your parents or other family should be considerably cheaper than renting by yourself. Don’t expect a free ride though. Offer to pay rent and save up as much as you can towards your first home’s deposit.

Don’t go back into old habits

Your parents might fuss over you once you’re back and it can be easy to let them do all the hard work but you’ve been fending for yourself for a few years now so you’re more than capable of doing the washing. Don’t leave it all to others or you might not have the harmonious household you want. The same goes for binge watching a whole tv series, it will feel just like the summer holidays when you first get back but throw yourself into seeing friends and getting a job.

More time with family

You might not want to admit it but I bet you missed your parents and siblings while you were away for a bit, even if it was just your mum’s amazing roast dinners. See this opportunity as a way of spending more time with them. You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone and once you move out for good, life will get in the way and you might not see them as much as everyone would like. Go shopping with your mum and treat her or watch the childhood movies you and your brother loved.

Don’t take advantage

Some people are lucky enough to live rent free with their parents. This is neither a common occurrence nor a good idea. Once you have your own place, you’ll be in for a shock when all the bills start adding up. If you’re parents do refuse rent from you, contribute in other ways. Cook everyone dinner at least once a week and always do your share of the chores. This will keep everyone happy and can pay your parents back for all their help over the years.

Find yourself a hobby

If you’re finding it claustrophobic living with your parents or siblings always around, find something new to do. Hit the gym or take up an evening class so that you can enjoy your own life.

Keep your own space

Your years at university will have changed you a lot as a person and you may feel a lot older than when you left home. Ensure your parents understand that you want your own space and that you will be doing your own thing but don’t be inconsiderate. If you know dinner is planned and you won’t be there, just let them know. Also, you’re old enough to go out when and with who you want but don’t expect happy smiles if you roll in at 5am waking everyone up. Act like an adult and you should be treated like one. Ensure that you come to a compromise and respect everyone’s space and rules. You’re living in your parent’s house so ensure you know what they will and won’t accept.

Be positive

If you were really hoping to stay in the city you studied in or had your heart set on a job that you didn’t get, try not to take it out on your family. It might not be ideal living back home but remember that not everyone has that opportunity. They are helping you so don’t be resentful. It’s not guaranteed that you’ll walk into a graduate job straight away and don’t be disheartened when you see others doing well. Some degrees offer easier ways into careers than others.

Keep the job hunt going

If you’re moving home as you haven’t found a job yet, keep the search going. Don’t only be on the lookout for graduate jobs either. To ensure you’re able to reimburse your family take any opportunity you can until you find your dream job. It might be worth contacting any old job you had before you went to university. They’ll know that you’re reliable and know what you’re doing.

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