Hired and DigitalGrads partnership

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DigitalGrads has partnered with career marketplace, Hired to help junior developers and software engineers find entry-level roles in London. Instead of applying to multiple companies, join Hired and let companies apply to you with salary details upfront.

What is Hired?

Hired is the leading career marketplace for Software Engineers. We combine cutting-edge technology with unbiased career coaching to intelligently match you with your next dream job. We’re on a mission to find everyone a job they love.
How does it work?

Hired is completely free for job seekers. Replace hundreds of job applications with Hired and let companies apply to you. Just tell us what you love to do, what languages you work with, your experience, what your ideal company looks like, and the salary you want to make. From there, we’ll match you with the perfect job based on your preferences.

Join Hired and let our data-driven matching technology and expert career coaches help you find a job you’ll love. Our career coaches will even help you prep for your interview, negotiate your salary, and weigh your options as you go. Want to work from home? Only want to code in Java and Python? Want to build the next unicorn? Just tell us, and we’ll get you there.

Next steps:

  • Head to hired.com/digitalgrads to join
  • Create a profile with your skills, experience and salary range
  • Sit back, relax and let companies reach out to you (check your email for updates and notifications)

Why Hired?

  • Skip the job application process and let companies apply to you
  • See salary + equity details upfront, before the interview
  • Get access to 10,000+ companies looking for Software Engineers like you
  • We’ll match you with your personal career coach to help you negotiate your salary
  • Find a job that’s customised for you
  • Get hired from top companies like WeWork, Dropbox, PayPal, Wag!, Shopify, Zillow and much more

Tips & tricks

  • In order to increase your competitiveness, when asked what industry or size of the company you want to work for, try to keep an open mind and list as many potential options available. Who knows, you could build the next unicorn, or work for a Fortune 500.
  • Show yourself off – showcase any freelance work, hackathons and/or projects you worked on in the “experience” section. In the “skills” section list as many languages, you’ve worked with as possible
  • Stay relevant – Try not to list any previous roles not related to the one you’re applying for
  • Location, Location, Location – If you’re looking to move to a new city it’s recommended you keep your potential relocations to 5 cities. Any more than that can be a negative.
  • Make it pretty – Everyone loves looking at a fresh new github and LinkedIn. Make sure you add your github with your updated projects and add your LinkedIn profile. And of course, it always helps to put a face to a name so throw up a profile picture to ensure your profile is complete.

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