Hired in 13 Days – Laura’s Story

How Laura Escaped a Job Hunt Funk and Found her Dream Job

Picture the scene: in the middle of a pandemic you pack your bags and move across Europe.

While travelling for hours to your new home, you hear about the thousands of people that have lost their jobs over the past few months due to the pandemic. Panic begins to set in.

You get to your new home, pop the kettle on and turn on your laptop to begin applying for jobs. You see that hundreds of other people are applying to the same jobs as you are.

Will these employers even read your CV when they have hundreds of applications?

But you’re a determined 2020 masters graduate with a dream to work in HR, so you soldier on.

Does this sound familiar? Like thousands of job hunters, Laura Bianchi was struggling to get noticed by employers in the pandemic.

“I applied for more than 350 jobs in 5 months.

“We don’t use cover letters in my home country, so I took a lot of time to prepare a tailored cover letter for every single job I was applying for.”

And despite all of this time and effort, she wasn’t getting anywhere: “I got a lot of rejection emails and often didn’t hear back about my applications at all. I even had interviews over the phone, on video call and face-to-face which I didn’t hear back from.”

But then Laura discovered DigitalGrads.

“I must admit that I was a little sceptical: I had uploaded my CV to so many sites by this point!

“But just four days after I completed my DigitalGrads profile, I got a message from an employer inviting me to an interview. I was a little confused initially because I hadn’t applied for this job, but I realised that a company had discovered my profile on DigitalGrads.”

Suddenly after months of applying for endless jobs, she didn’t have to put in the hours of effort: the jobs were applying to her.

“The company wanted to move really quickly after that. I had my first interview on a Friday, my second on the following Monday and that same evening they offered me the job!

“I got a job within 13 days of creating my profile!”

Laura now works as a People and Culture Assistant at Everledger! She’s basically the tech company’s HR superhero: she manages recruitment, onboarding and employee experience efforts.

“The whole team at DigitalGrads is amazing. I felt really supported not just when creating my profile and looking for a job, but also afterwards. They still contact me every now and then to see how I am doing and how I feel about my job, which I am super happy with!”

What advice would you give job hunters?

“Firstly, be patient. And secondly, take advantage of all of the resources that are out there.

“Whenever I had to sign up and complete a profile on another job hunting site I felt frustrated. I didn’t understand why I had to fill out my information again if it was already on my resume. But I know now that it’s worth doing it!”

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