Hired in 15 Days – Brontë’s Story

How Brontë Turned Her Job Hunt Around and Found Her Dream Job in 15 Days

Picture of Bronte after finding her new job

You know the drill. You’re applying to endless jobs online, signing up to recruitment sites and sending in your CV every place you can.

You’ve just graduated so you’re full of energy and ready to put what you learned at university to use. On top of this, you’ve built up an incredible portfolio of your work and are patiently awaiting your first job.

But you’re not hearing anything back from employers.

Even though you have shedloads of talent, tight submission guidelines mean you’re not able to send in your portfolio – only a CV that has to be a measly one side of A4. So you’re being turned away from roles you know you would excel in because you can’t flaunt your skills.

After looking for a job for six months, Brontë Smith knows exactly how that feels.

“Most jobs I wanted required years of experience that I just didn’t have.

“I applied for around 30 jobs within one month.”

Yet despite this she was getting nowhere, sending in application after application but not hearing anything back.

As she was a recent grad, she didn’t have loads of paid work experience. But she did have an abundance of talent that she was eager to use. Unfortunately, talent and enthusiasm are hard to get across in a CV. So instead of receiving the interview invitations she deserved, she was sent rejection messages.

But then she discovered DigitalGrads.

While trawling job boards, Brontë came across her dream role advertised by DigitalGrads and her whole job hunt took a turn for the better.

The Digital Marketing Assistant opportunity with Lucy Miller Nutrition seemed too good to be true. It called for brilliant communication skills, a good understanding of social media marketing and a relevant degree – suiting Bronte’s studies in Media & Culture.

Excited at the prospect of her ideal graduate job, Brontë signed up to DigitalGrads and uploaded her portfolio.

The DigitalGrads team helped her perfect her profile to really showcase her talent. And there was always a person there to help if she had any questions about live roles.

“Once I had applied for the job on DigitalGrads I was able to see the progress of my application and I was kept informed on what was going on, unlike other sites where I just wouldn’t hear anything back.

“As I was successful in the application, DigitalGrads then guided me through the project I needed to submit as well as becoming a third person to communicate with when I had questions regarding the role and the interviewing process.

“Having someone else to communicate with, ask questions to and check-in with throughout the application process was very helpful.

“Not only did I speak online with DigitalGrads but I also had several phone calls where situations were explained further and I was able to ask questions.

“Due to the ongoing support I received and the ease of the application process, I turned down another job opportunity for this role and I am so glad I did.”

After only 15 days on the platform Brontë received her job offer.

And the rest is history.

She says that she’s been loving working with Lucy Miller Nutrition: “I get along very well with my employer and the role I am doing is exactly what I wanted to do after leaving university”.

Brontë is using her excellent design and social media skills to grow Lucy Miller Nutrition’s audience on Instagram.

“I didn’t think I would get a role with so much creative freedom this early on in my career”.

What piece of job hunting advice would you give your past self?

“You will get a job!

“I got myself very stressed after seeing all the positions I was interested in requiring a lot of experience and thought I wouldn’t be able to secure a role.

“Also, join a graduate platform.

“The process for applying for a job on a graduate platform as a graduate is so much easier than other job sites.

“Graduate jobs understand that because you are graduate you won’t have years of experience, but you have studied within the field and are willing to learn!”

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