How Blogging Can Help You Get a Job

How blogging can help you stand out and show employers that you deserve the job

Starting a blog can seem like a big task, but it could be the most important career move you make this year.

Blogging can help you get a job because it gives evidence for nearly everything you write on your CV. You become more credible and employable instantly.

1 – Passion

Blogging takes that little bit of extra effort, time and care that creating a social media profile really lacks. You will show recruiters that you are dedicated, passionate and worth following.

Companies only want to hire the best in the business and by creating a name for yourself in the world of blogging, you let them know that people care what you have to say. And they should, too.

2 – Writing Skills

To write a blog and build a following you have to be an excellent communicator.

Communication skills are essential in every job. You’re always going to be writing emails, proposals or presentations, so why not develop your skills now?

You don’t even have to be a great writer to start with – I certainly wasn’t – the beauty of the blog is that you will naturally improve as time goes on. Your posts will get better and you will become a more skilled communicator.

At the beginning, you won’t even have enough of an audience for your writing skills to matter, so be brave and get started!

3 – Industry Expertise

Writing a blog is the perfect way to express yourself. Odds are, your family and friends won’t really know or care about the ground-breaking news in your industry but with a blog, you can create an audience that does.

By writing about your dream industry you show every recruiter that you’re serious about your future role. You position yourself as an industry expert already – and most importantly – you show that you have an opinion.

Don’t be afraid of saying something slightly controversial about news in your industry. Companies don’t want to employ yes-men – they want innovators and dreamers – the people that will help them change the world.

You can blog about your other interests but make sure that you’re coming back to the big news every few posts.

4 – Build Your Portfolio

If you want to work in tech, marketing or writing, building a blog is something you need to do.

A blog is basically a mini-portfolio, showcasing your ability to create a functioning website, build a personal brand and create engaging writing. Blogging develops so many of your skills that you will become a more competitive candidate by just having one.

Not only does it develop your technical skills, it also helps your soft-skills shine. To have a blog you have to have great time-management skills, proactivity, a self-starter attitude, confidence and independence. These are all essential skills for every job.

5 – Creativity

Finally to have a blog, you have to be creative. You’ll learn lots about copyright, graphic design and effective layout through trial and error.

Make sure that you take the time to develop your own style of doing things so that you can stand out. Try lots of different platforms, programmes and structures to see which ones best represent you as a person.

You can always take a look at other people’s blogs to get inspiration – you can even start with my personal blog – if you want.

Once you’ve made your blog and you’re happy with how it looks, send us a link. We will add it to your DigitalGrads profile so that more employers can see it, increasing your chances of getting employed.

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