How can we help you get a job?

How can we help you get a job? How does the platform work?

The DigitalGrads platform was created to help juniors get the free training they need to secure and thrive in a graduate job. We give you free employability and skills training that will help you to meet the expectations of real employers from day one.

It’s very simple - businesses pay us a fee for access to our trained pool of talent so that they can find the very best people for their roles.

The money the employer pays us for access to the platform goes back into the pot to create more free training to help more people.

In this blog you will find our full video script featuring how DigitalGrads can help you get a job. Feel free to read ahead, but if you fancy us telling you ourselves, then click play on the video!

Creating your DigitalGrads profile

You are going to have to stand out from the competition, and learn to show off your skills.

It’s tough to achieve that nowadays armed with just a CV, so we are going to help you build a powerful digital profile showing practical examples of your work and a short video introducing yourself.

Click here to view our video instructions!

This idea might fill you with dread, but I’d advise you to embrace it, and use it to your advantage.

Profiles with videos are chosen by employers 50% more than those without videos. They give potential employers a real flavour of who you are.

So your job, with our help, is to make your profile as strong as it can possibly be.

The stronger your profile, the more visible you will be on the platform and consequently the more interview requests you will receive.

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