How do I Get an Entry-Level Job in PPC?

How do I Get an Entry-Level Job in PPC by Will Francis on Unsplash

How Can You Get Your First Entry-Level PPC Job?

So you want to find your first entry-level PPC job. It’s great that you’ve made it this far because PPC is quite the marketing niche. Focusing on such a specialised area is a bold choice! This means that you hopefully won’t have too much competition.

On the downside, the competition you do have will probably be highly skilled. So deciding on PPC is just the first step on the long road to wowing an interviewer and scoring a job.

In Case You’re in the Wrong Place, What’s PPC?

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is a form of digital marketing. You know those annoying websites that pop up at the top of your Google search with the bold ‘AD”? That’s it!

But PPC is about a lot more than running adverts. It’s about generating revenue, driving traffic, analysing campaigns and creating content. It’s a highly specialised job, hence why you might have found it tricky applying for your first one.

But saying that, PPC job adverts don’t tend to list qualifications or technologies you need to know. It’s all a bit confusing really.

So How Can we Make it Easier?

1 – Understand it a Little Better

Let’s look at PPC a bit more in depth.

  • PPC experts tend to specialise across platforms, say Google or Bing.
  • It relies on lots of analytics and data. So knowing Excel and Google Analytics would be seriously helpful.
  • PPC relies on good research and good content. No one is going to click your ads if they’re boring!
  • Eventually PPC managers tend to handle budgets, create new projects and manage existing campaigns.

2 – Do Some Training

If you want to get an entry-level PPC job and you really don’t have experience in the area, maybe you need to take some training. There are loads of free (and expensive) courses out there, but I would recommend this free Search Engine Marketing Training.

Beyond paid search specific training, I would take a course or two in Google Analytics, Excel and other forms of marketing. Looking into social media, copywriting and email is a good way to become a more well-rounded candidate. Check out our list of courses to take here!

3 – Do Some Practice

Having some examples of your skills goes such a long way! But without a job it can be tricky to get examples of your own paid search campaigns… But you might not need these to score an entry-level role. What I recommend focusing on is showing your passion in your portfolio.

The passion you show can be pretty much anything + marketing. So whether you’ve grown an Instagram following taking gorgeous pics of your food, or gained a fair amount of followers blogging about your fitness journey – flaunt it!

If you haven’t done anything like that yet, now is the perfect time to start!

Spending time on a blog builds copywriting and audience engagement skills. Building a social media following requires planning, writing and design work. These are all employable skills!

And while you create content, have a go at looking into your analytics too!

While you’re working on your portfolio passion projects, look around for any internships or work experience opportunities.

Whether this means asking a family friend if you can help with their website or applying for internships on DigitalGrads, a short experience like this can open you up to so many opportunities!

It doesn’t even have to be an opportunity focused on PPC, just something to get your foot in the door. And once you’re helping some lucky souls at a company out, ask if you could trial some PPC software or run a little campaign. You never know, you could get that vital experience you need just by asking!

4 – Absorb!

PPC is a complicated little thing. The best way to grow your opportunities is to absorb some knowledge. So attend webinars, network on LinkedIn, read loads more blogs, be vocal on Twitter and by all means ask for help.

Absorb knowledge in every way you can so that when you come to that all-important interview, you’ll be able to effortlessly impress and bag an entry-level PPC job.

Good luck!