How Three DigitalGrads Candidates Scored their Dream Jobs

How three DigitalGrads candidates scored their dream jobs (4)

Hunting for a job is hard, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel

We reached out to three of our DigitalGrads candidates to find out how they got through the job hunt, found their dream jobs and how they’re getting on now.

For Marta Gottero, hunting for a graduate job was a very stressful experience.

“As a recent graduate, I felt that I was lacking the experience that most entry-level jobs were requiring and the majority of employers didn’t respond to my applications at all.

“The lack of feedback or any sort of communication when not landing the job is really discouraging and made me wonder endlessly what I should do differently in my application process.

“But then someone from DigitalGrads reached out to me directly on LinkedIn. I was immediately impressed with the ethos of the platform, and it felt very genuine and trustworthy.”

Two and a half weeks after Marta signed up, she received her job offer letter from Pupil Progress. She’s been their Technical Support Officer for nearly a year now.

“I’m working in a startup in edTech with a great team. The role’s responsibilities are rather varied due to the small nature of the business, but it’s so interesting to learn numerous different skills along the road.

“It’s challenging in the most positive way possible.

“It’s teaching me about adaptability, flexibility and effective communication on a daily basis, as well as helping me build some more specific skills that will be relevant in my professional progression.”

For Malwina Roczniak, hunting for a graduate job while finishing up a Masters degree was daunting.

“Looking for a job as a fresh grad is the same as answering the chicken and egg question – you need experience to get a job but you need a job to get experience. So what comes first, job or experience?

“Also, working part-time in a restaurant and studying a full-time Master’s course (what a lot of young people do these days) doesn’t leave much free time for yourself and you have to spend that time on applying for jobs.

“When you don’t hear back from the recruiters (which happens in 99% of the cases, not even a “no, thanks” message), you really just want to give up. Well, at least I wanted to.”

When Malwina heard about DigitalGrads everything seemed to change.

“I immediately thought it was a great platform. I created my account and the lovely souls from Digital Grads helped in setting up my profile.

“Their approach was very personalised. They asked me what kind of job I was looking for and based on that they sent me updates with new opportunities. I went through their online training programme which turned out to be a great warm-up before my Master’s course.

“I paused my profile for a few months and resumed it in February – a month before my classes were ending – so I had enough time to start my first job in digital marketing.

“I’m happy to say that in March I was already a part of Mobilise.

“And it’s been going great! I’m very grateful for my team. They support me whenever I need it but also let me handle things on my own, which has been a great learning experience.

“I’m a Business and Marketing Specialist which means that I take care of the company’s marketing, but I’m also involved in other projects too.

“This exposes me to various parts of the business and gives me a better understanding of the industry and working in a business environment. I have developed new skills in UI design and have now worked on a couple of web and app design projects!

“There are lots of things I could write about my job but I’ll only say that I wish everyone could have the first job experience as I’m having at Mobilise.”

For Daniel Davies, hunting for a new marketing job in the middle of a pandemic wasn’t easy.

“There were lots of websites (Indeed, Jobsite etc.) that I was looking on. It was difficult to find something in my field and hard to get any response from the ones that were relevant.

“I applied to lots of agencies but after spending all of that time signing up, I didn’t see anything from it.

“But DigitalGrads were by far the best.”

“They had jobs that were relevant to grads, they had staff who were friendly and seemed genuinely interested in helping me find a role. The whole process was fantastic.”

Daniel now works for Queenside Games as their Digital Marketing and Community Relations Manager.

“I’m really enjoying it and it’s the exact area I wanted to be working in. I’m learning lots and getting to be creative. The team is super friendly and it’s lots of fun!”

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