How to Create a Great Portfolio

Learn How to Create a Great DigitalGrads Portfolio and Impress Employers Fast

Making a stunning DigitalGrads profile isn’t rocket science, but taking some time to understand what you should include in your portfolio is essential. How else are you going to create a great first impression for our employers?

Your portfolio is the number 1 way to make a huge impact on an employer. It backs up everything you say in your timeline and makes it real. The employers can see your skills in action and begin to trust you, and that’s the first step to scoring a job!

And a great portfolio combined with a fantastic profile video is obviously a recipe for success. But how do you make your portfolio perfect?

How Do You Create a Great Portfolio?

Before we jump into what exactly you should include in your DigitalGrads portfolio, here’s some quick guidelines:

  • Upload a high-quality file or link to your profile here.
  • Add a description to your file explaining what it is, how you contributed to it and what you learned.
  • Please upload any work that you’re proud of, as long as it’s not your dissertation or an essay you’ve written for university.
  • Upload anywhere between 1 and 5 portfolio pieces.

What Should You Add to Your Portfolio?

Marketing and PR

  • A link to an article you’ve written.
  • A link to your blog or a website you’ve managed.
  • Screenshots of social media posts and designs.
  • A link to your portfolio.

Software Development

Sales and Business Development

  • Any sales materials you’ve created, like presentations or email examples.
  • Links to your high-profile social media accounts. If you’ve curated a large following, you’ve developed skills in selling an image online!

Graphic and UX Design

If You’re Still Struggling

If you don’t have anything you can add to your portfolio, think again! I once created a blog for the sole purpose of one job application. And I got the job!! It’s this one!

So just know that now is never too late to start.

If you’re looking to get your writing published online, apply to write for us here! Having published articles in your portfolio always looks good. You can write about anything from tech to marketing and you don’t even have to be a fantastic writer to do it!

If writing experience won’t help you with your career, creating your own sample presentations and campaigns is always a good idea. You can sign up to Mailchimp for email marketing experience too.

If you’re still searching for your perfect portfolio piece, try out our training courses. Some of these have tasks for you to complete and they all give you valuable skills that you can practice and publish in your DigitalGrads portfolio.

Good luck and happy job hunting!

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