Content Marketing – How To Distribute Your Content?

Making the most of your content is difficult! If you’re passionate about content creation like myself, you will find that most of your time is spent on improving your skills  and creating some kickass content. But, when you’re finished, you’re left staring at your hard work waiting for them to grow legs and magically go viral. When that doesn’t happen, it’s pretty discouraging.

However, if you’re experiencing this temporary low, remember that you probably won’t see the results of your work in the first month. It will take months. Nevertheless, it’s important to consider that you might be spending way too much time creating the content, forgetting to support and share your hard work.

The truth is, content doesn’t grow legs. It’s all about knowing how to leverage the content appropriately, so it reaches who you want it to reach.

Things to consider before you begin:

  • What does success look like to you? I.e. is it going viral, is it engagement, or is it reach?
  • How are you going to measure this? Set some Key Performance Indicators
  • Who do you want to reach? And where are they?
  • How much time will you dedicate to leverage your content?

1. SEO

Ideally, before you even publish your blog post, you want to ensure it is up to SEO standards. Great SEO will make sure your hard work isn’t lost somewhere on the 50th page of Google’s search engine. This ultimately means, instead of spending time looking for people who’ll love your work, they will find you.

Yoast SEO is an effective plugin for WordPress. However, there are alternatives when using different platforms.

Here are a couple.

What are the basic SEO guidelines?

  1. Use Google Trends to find the keywords that people are actually searching for
  2. Incorporate your keywords flawlessly into the title, description and the body of the piece. Be Careful! Google knows when you’re trying too desperately, and it might work against you.
  3. Add keywords that will probe your audience to the click on your post! Take advantage of this for help.
  4. Your URL should be direct and comprehensive.
  5. Add Images and Videos!
  6. Insert one internal and at least three external links.


2. Build a Community.

Content Marketing - How To Distribute Your Content

Though it can require more time and dedication, building a stable following of people that share similar interests guarantees a reliable source of reach and engagement.  Take your favourite youtubers as an example, they establish a community by simply naming their audience (you)  and empowering them a voice in the comments.

There are many different ways to achieve this depending on the content you’ve created. Many bloggers build email lists, branded hashtags, LinkedIn groups, facebook groups, and host monthly workshops and discussion groups. You just need to know your audience and know what works for you.

Here’s a couple of ways you can grow and engage with your community.

  • Start and Fuel Social Discussions
  • Nurture Your Followers With Rewards.
  • Let Them Speak and Value Their Input.
  • Create online/offline events.
  • Be Consistent.

3. Repurpose Your Successful Work

This is a step even I overlook from time to time. Recycling your content is a great way to create and experiment with new content forms without actually creating it from scratch.

If you follow Jorden Roper, a blogger,  as much as I do, you’ll realise she repurposes her content in the form of email subscriptions, courses, youtube videos, seminars and blog posts! She’s maximising on the content that has brought her the best results and  honestly, you can too.

You can turn your blog post into a mini course, a youtube video, a talk, an infographic, a pinterest article or a Quora answer.

The key is to adjust your tone for the form of content. For an example, copy and pasting a tumblr  article won’t work on Twitter. So go on, be creative.

113 Types of Content

4. PR and Magazines

Don’t underestimate the power of publicity. It doesn’t have to be in print to be official.

Perhaps, a feature in an industry magazine, blog, podcast or even youtube platform. Keep yourself open to sharing your content outside of your normal circle to make sure you’re constantly reaching new people! You’ll be amazed to see where it leads you.

How Do I Find Them?

A significant way to find publications is to first determine what and who your audience reads or listens to. Research their type of content, check the engagement and come up with your own feature pitch and be brave. Just go for it! There’ll be a great deal of rejection, but all you need is one yes and you’re in! So don’t be shy.

5. Social Media

Content Marketing - How To Distribute Your Content

This is the most popular way of leveraging content. Your most devoted fans are most likely your friends and family, and college buddies, so take advantage of their love. It’s permitted in this case.

Here’s a couple of tips to leverage.

  1. Personalise each post to suit the platform (ie. Remember a Facebook post can’t be the same as the twitter post or instagram)
  2. Add hashtags, locations, tag people and add links.
  3. Be creative use the platform features to their max and experiment!
  4. When you’re only starting, focus on two platforms in alternating weeks/months until you get the hang on them. Then add another until you’ve mastered them all.
  5. Use business profiles to keep track of how well your content is performing. (I love instagram for this!)
  6. Connect and Promote other influencers.
  7. Reward your audience.

Bonus Tips!

1. Mention the people you want to impress to capture their attention. Let them know you gave them a shout out! If they appreciate it enough, they will share it and voila! Exposure, credibility and a lot of fangirling! Does life get any better than that?

2. Set up loads of features telling your story in small magazines, everywhere! This boosts your credibility and a lot more traffic will flow in on a reliable basis!

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