How To Get A Job In Social Media: Platforms Turning Around Recruitment

How to get a job in Social Media- Platforms turning around recruitment.

The world around us is rapidly changing. Technological advancements have made the global village smaller and the emergence of social media applications have completely revolutionised communication. Today, employee recruitment through social media platforms is a common practice.

Similarly, potential employees are turning to social media as the first go-to resource while job searching. This notwithstanding, many people still don’t know the in and outs, the dos and don’ts and how best to leverage social media to land on appropriate jobs. Here is a guide on how to use social media to get that dream job… learn how to get a job in social media today!

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LinkedIn proudly tops the list of places where recruiters meet potential employees, with quite an enviable success hiring rate. What’s the secret?

Professionalism is the key to success for lead generation as a job-seeker on LinkedIn. Here, potential employers expect you to conduct business with decorum and to provide information that is truthfully variable. As such, the language you use, your knowledge and skills become the first quick indicators of who you really are.

Signing in on LinkedIn is pretty simple as you follow simple step-by-step processes. However, you must curve the image of a knowledgeable person within your industry. Among information required is education background as well as former and current job position(s).

To crown it all, you can choose to upload a photo. Whereas the photo may seem like a negligible necessity, it can be used to communicate a great deal about you. Make sure it looks as professional as you can make it.

Importantly, bear in mind that the information you upload here can be shared across other platforms online and offline. It should be truthful.

On LinkedIn, a complete profile gains a 100% score. This boosts your credibility from potential employers. Your LinkedIn profile must be a reflection of your resume.


You need not only use Facebook a place where you catch up with long-lost friends while making new ones; it can play a key role in landing you that dream job. Unlike LinkedIn however, you can use Facebook for both social and professional purposes, and both can land you a job.

Remember, on Facebook, recruiters have a chance to scrutinise your past by scrounging through your posts, photos, friends and so on. Since Facebook gives you an opportunity to be outspoken, use it to show your understanding of the industry by sharing relevant posts, views and penning down personal/ professional opinions on timely subjects.

Again, professionalism is highly regarded. Since this is a platform where communication goes back and forth, you will need to show proper people skills and outstanding communication skills in responding to “comments” on your posts. At the same time, post regularly.

Facebook is a great community for job seekers because of its wide reach. Your Facebook profile too should reflect your skills, former and present professional engagements as well as education level.

Since Facebook also asks for your “Relationship Status” a potential employer will be able to identify some of your expectations at the workplace.


Photo sharing site Instagram has proven that the human eye has an insatiable thirst for things happening around man’s environment, especially when the story is told through photos. Can your Instagram account land you a job?

Instagram is a great resource especially for careers where visuals are valued. Photographers, Chefs as well as people in fashion and design are among those who can use the massive influence of Instagram to advance their careers.

From a certain perspective, Instagram gives you an opportunity to share some fun while maintaining professionalism. By giving you an opportunity to follow people you have an interest in,

Instagram the platform allows you to choose whom you relate with at any given time.


This micro-blogging platform is particularly loved by professionals for its brevity. Here, you are limited to just a few words a per post.

While creating your Twitter account, you write a short “bio” which is precisely a description of who you are. This is an opportunity for you to tell the world more about you in just a few paragraphs.
Twitter can help you grow professionally by linking you with like-minded individuals. Tweet and retweet posts that are in line with your career and job interests, look at what professionals are saying and their reaction to industry trends. Share and follow influential people in your industry. It helps immensely if you become an influential expert in your area amassing a crown of followers.


Perhaps this is the most popular texting platform on the planet right now. It is also one of the apps that helps in speedy exchange and transfer of information.

One of the unique characteristics of this application is that it allows people with similar interests to form smaller units, known as “groups”, where they discuss issues that are of interest to them.
A lot of etiquette and decorum is demanded when job-searching over Whatsapp “groups.” Although you can still talk about your skills and blow your trumpet, they have to be timely, preferably responding to a job advert posted by a member.

Unlike other platforms such as Facebook where you can share your resume frequently and without limits, you cannot consistently share your resume on a Whatsapp group since this would be deemed discourteous. Nonetheless, there is usually a personal relationship amongst participants which makes it easier for job seekers to have private conversations.

In addition, WhatsApp allows easier personal communication and it is easy to attach files from various media.


In the recent past, Telegram has gained great milestone with the development of an application that is compatible with various smartphone Operating Systems(OS). People with common interests create a “community” within the platform where they share relevant information. The dedicated nature of these “communities” helps discussions to be focused and targeted.

For job seekers, Telegram is a great platform to get noticed. If you belong to a “community” of people in your industry, endeavour to must demonstrate in-depth knowledge by actively participating in discussions taking place. The focus here is to be relevant and contribute regularly on discussions taking place on the platform.

This way, you stand out as a knowledgeable individual, making it easy to attract the attention of recruiters.

Final Thoughts

Job seeking through social media is likely to grow rapidly in the coming days. There is already a major shift as recruiters turn theirs to online platforms and applications as the first options in the hiring process. At the same time, individuals have become more outgoing and one cannot simply exploit traditional ways of seeking employment.

Job-seekers must, however, be on the lookout for emerging platforms for them to tap their potential at the earliest opportunity.