How To Pick Yourself Up When You Didn’t Get The Job

How To Pick Yourself Up When You Didnt Get The Job

It’s been a week or two since you interviewed for that digital marketing job you really wanted. How to pick yourself up when you didn’t get the job? In your mind you’ve gone from thinking you completely nailed it to being utterly mortified about a thousand times. Time goes on and you think about the interview less and less until to get a buzz on your phone. You see the notification; it’s from the company you interviewed with. Heart beating rapidly, sweaty palms and slight nausea at the thought of all the possibilities this job could bring, you open the notification…

Find out: How To Pick Yourself Up When You Didn’t Get The Job

Dear (insert your name here)

Thank you for attending our interview. It was a pleasure meeting with you. Unfortunately on this

You don’t even bother reading the rest of the email. Your heart sinks, and your breath slows down. You really wanted that job! You would’ve been great at that job! Feelings of disappointment, anger and sadness start to creep up on you.

Unfortunately for you, your job search is not over. Here are some steps you need to take to pick yourself up when you didn’t get the job and take the rejection in your stride:

Take a moment

If you need to feel upset, disappointed or frustrated do so, but only for a little while. It is perfectly
normal to feel this way through your job search. Whether it’s your first interview or your 50 th it can
be upsetting. Don’t deny yourself that feeling. However, don’t hold on to these feelings and let it
negatively impact your job search.

Don’t take it personally

There are so many reasons why you may not get a job, and none of them are a reflection of your
worth as a person. The reality of it is that there are many factors employers take into consideration
when hiring. This does not mean that you did a terrible interview or that you should give up. The
reason could be that another candidate was just a better fit. You have no clue how close or far away
you were from being accepted, so don’t take it personally.

Do something Fun!

Once you’ve processed the emotions, you need to put yourself back in a positive mindset! See your
friends; read a book whatever you fancy, as long as it puts you in a good mood.

Congratulate yourself!

Getting a job interview is no easy thing, many graduates send loads of CV’s with very little luck. The
fact you got an interview is something you should be proud of! Give yourself a pat on the back.

Read the whole email!

Now you are feeling more positive it’s time to get back on the job search. The first thing you should
do is read the whole email. It may be the last thing you want to do but it is an important step. Some
rejection emails may be generic and give very little away, while others may give clues as to why you
didn’t succeed. Take whatever you can from this email and make note of it. All of it will be useful for
your next job interview.
Also, if you feel like you would benefit from more information, do not be afraid to send a follow up
email! Receiving personal feedback could help you immensely on your ongoing job search. It may
even go in your favour if they have any upcoming roles!


It is time to ask yourself some important questions. Where there any questions that took you by
surprise? Could you have used better examples? Are you getting many job interviews? Was this one
of your only ones? What was the feedback? Make a note of all of this to help you on your journey.

Start Applying!

Now your equipped with the attitude and knowledge to empower you on your digital job search.

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Lynne Egwuekwe is a English Literature and Creative Writing graduate from the University of Hull. She is an aspiring digital marketer with a keen interest in SEO and specialising in content marketing.
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