How to stop procrastinating when you’re trying to study

How to stop procrastinating while your trying to study

Procrastination can be the bane of any student, grad or anyone’s life. It’s easy to waste away hours on less important things but here’s some tips to help you stay focused on the task at hand and stop procrastinating.

Start on the right foot

Make sure you have everything you need before you start. Some find it easy to get distracted with study plans so do this first. Have all your stationery, drinks and snacks and laptop charger ready so you don’t need to interrupt your session.

Prioritise your tasks

Sometimes getting the little tasks done can give you a sense of achievement and that little boost to help you carry on. Write a to-do list and make sure that those tasks that are the most important get done as soon as possible.

Get rid of distractions

Turn off the tv and close all your tabs if you’re working online. Having a peek on Facebook can be very tempting so give yourself a break ever so often to grab a drink and have a browse through your social media. After those five minutes are up, dive straight back into your studying. Let whoever you live with know you’re studying so they’ll be no interruptions. There are sites out there such as StayFocusd which will restrict how long you spend on certain sites so you don’t waste away your precious studying time.

Take regular breaks

Sometimes procrastination can be down to doing too much in one go. Make sure you take a break every so often. Whether it’s to make a cup of tea, get some fresh air or just give your eyes a rest, taking a break is vital.

Find a study buddy

Whether they’re studying for the same course as you or something completely different, having someone join you can be a real boost. You can motivate each other and feel a real sense of achievement when you’ve had a good session.

Don’t be so hard on yourself

So, it’s three hours after you started studying and you’ve done loads of online shopping and haven’t learnt anything new. Don’t be too tough on yourself. Everyone has bad days and just see it as a reason to work even harder next time. Don’t get too stressed and be realistic with how much you can achieve.

Put the pressure on

If you only work well under pressure, give yourself a deadline. Set out how much you will complete in each session and stick to it.

Timing is everything

Pick your study time for when you work most efficiently. If you’re an early riser, don’t leave it until just before bed as you will be tired and distraction will come easier.

Visualise the finish line

If you’re struggling, just think about the reason you’re studying in the first place. Whether it’s for a qualification or to help you bag that dream career, think about all the possibilities that it will give you. This should give you that extra boost to make it over the finish line.

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