How To Write A Cover Letter For Digital Marketing Jobs 101

How To Write A Cover Letter For Digital Marketing Jobs 101

One of the most daunting aspects of applying for a digital marketing position is selling yourself to your prospective employer how can you stand out? You don’t always need to write a cover letter to apply for jobs but when you do, this blog will give you some great ideas so you can learn (quickly) how to write a cover letter for digital marketing jobs.

Depending on the scale of the enterprise, and the role you plan to apply for, you could be faced with some stiff competition. This is where writing a carefully-constructed cover letter comes in, giving you the opportunity to highlight what it is that makes you the best choice for the job.

How To Write A Cover Letter For Digital Marketing

While there is no guarantee that your cover letter will always be read, when it is, it can be the difference between landing the position or losing out to a similar candidate. But don’t let this discourage you: you just need to make that cover letter count. With that in mind, here are some tips for putting together a letter that hits all the right notes, and showcases your best qualities, whilst still retaining your personal voice and flair.

Every Word Counts

The first thing to remember when writing a cover letter is that this is the first real impression your potential employer may have of you as an individual. Furthermore, they may have many more applications to get through, so you need to seize their attention within your opening sentences.

  • Don’t waste time explaining that you’re applying for a job: the rest of your application makes that apparent. Instead, get straight to talking about who you are, and why you would be great for the role, or what interests you about the company as a whole.
  • Be concise: the more you digress, the less chance you will have to get all of your points across. A successful cover letter will showcase your talents and suitability without going into all the fine detail. After all, that’s what interviews are for.
  • Consider your language: examine the job advertisement, and look into the general tone of the business’ brand. By using a similar style and language, you demonstrate your understanding of the company environment, and show that you are going to be a good fit for the existing team.

Keep in mind that different businesses will expect different levels of formality and propriety, and the right approach should be clear from the job listing, or a quick visit to the company website.
However, if the role really is right for you, then there is a good chance that your natural style and tone will work in your favour.

Do Your Research

In a similar vein to the first point, you should also carry out some research on the business before submitting your application. Not only does it help to be able to match their voice, but you can also tailor your letter to address directly any points that are important to the company. This is a great opportunity to draw parallels between their needs and your experiences, and learn a little about them along the way.

In addition to ensuring you know something about the company you are applying to, you should also look into the name of the individual to whom your letter should be addressed. A generic “to whom it may concern” is unlikely to score many points, regardless of how impressive the rest of your cover letter may be.
You already know the foundations of a great marketing campaign, so keep those in mind when writing your letter. Make sure you are familiar with the company’s aspirations, ethics, and voice, and write accordingly.

How To Write A Cover Letter 101

Be Transparent

Transparency and clarity are valued throughout the digital marketing industry. As such, it is important to be upfront about your ideas and intentions. This can even be an opportunity to clarify potentially confusing or questionable elements from your CV.


You don’t need to provide your life story; just enough to pique the reader’s interest, and make them keen to learn more.
Offer short anecdotes relating to skills that make you the right choice for the position, and flesh out achievements that are less clearly defined on your CV.


Employers are often on the lookout for self-starters, so pay particular lip service to your solo projects. An online store you might have built up by yourself is an especially great project to mention in your cover letter, although a quick fix is buying an existing business for sale and rebranding it and coordinating its marketing for a while. It gives you valuable hands-on experience, and it looks good in your application too. You should also think about building up a portfolio or a blog that can help give your digital experiences (and interests) more context — WordPress is a great content management system if you want something low-cost but high impact.


The other critical thing to remember is that above all, you should be yourself. There is only so much you can do to conform to the ideals of someone else, and a cover letter that comes across as contrived is instantly less appealing.


However, by making your stance and personality clear from the word go, you highlight your individuality, whilst implicitly giving the impression of being a natural fit for the team.

Sign Off With Confidence

Round off your letter with a brief recap that emphasises your enthusiasm for the business and the role in question. Reiterate the main qualities that make you the perfect candidate, and sign off with a clear call to action, outlining the best ways for the recruiter or employer to contact you.


Keep in mind, every cover letter you write should be different, as you will need to adjust each one to match the job for which you are applying. Don’t be afraid to use similar language to that used in the job description either. In fact, this can be an advantage, providing it is done sparingly.


Finally, while this letter should be professional, that does not mean it needs to be bland. Ultimately, the person deciding whether to hire you is not only interested in your ability to do the job, but also the sort of colleague you will be to work with, so make sure your personality shines through.


Before you rush off to send that letter, leave it for a few hours, or even until the next morning, if you have the time. Rereading your letter with a clear mind will enable you to spot any awkward sentences, pick up on any errors you may have missed, and give you a chance to double-check critical details such as whether the recipient’s name has been spelt correctly.


Once this is all in order, all you need to do is submit your application, and prepare for the possibility of an interview. Don’t be discouraged if things don’t work out immediately. You are entering a competitive field, and it is your perseverance and dedication that will ultimately set you on the road to success. So approach it with confidence, and demonstrate your ability to make your words shine.


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