How To Ace Your Interview For A Digital Marketing Agency

How To Ace Your Interview For A Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing experts are high in demand, and there’s no sign of that demand slowing down. As companies move their marketing budgets away from traditional media and into digital marketing, there are more and more digital marketing jobs becoming available every day – at least for those who have the ability to prove they belong in the industry.

Showing a digital marketing agency that you have what it takes to work with them is much more challenging than you may first assume. If you’ve never worked with an agency before, you may or may not know that they tend to operate a bit differently than a typical corporation’s marketing department. Because of this, most agency marketers refer to non-agency marketing as “the corporate side.”

Meanwhile, “the corporate side” refers to agencies as “the agency side”.

Deciding which side you belong on is just the first step in acing a job interview with a digital marketing agency.

Find out: how to ace your interview for a digital marketing agency.


Understanding The Difference Between Corporations & Marketing Agencies

As you prepare for an interview with a digital marketing agency, you might be looking for your first job, moving from the corporate side into the agency side, or simply transitioning from one agency to another. No matter what the case may be, you should still come prepared to answer any and all questions that will help the interviewer learn whether or not you’re “cut out” for agency life.

It might sound silly, but most agencies are convinced of the fact that it takes a special type of person to keep up and fit in with their culture. Before entering an interview, think through your answers to questions like these:

  • Do you think you’ll be able to make the transition from the corporate side to the agency side?
  • Have you ever had any experience with digital marketing agencies?
  • What do you know about marketing agencies?
  • Are you capable of juggling multiple clients at once?

You might not know how to answer these questions off-hand, but if you prepare for them, you’ll be able to convince your interviewer that you could fit in with agency life.

Demonstrating Experience (Beyond Your Resume)

If you get an interview with a digital marketing agency, then it’s likely that your resume intrigued the interviewer or someone on the hiring team.

However, don’t let your story stop after one page. You’ll ace your interview by proving to the hiring manager that you have experience beyond what your resume even suggests. If possible, talk about certifications you’ve earned, books you’ve read, or additional learning experiences you’ve had.

You can’t teach someone to be a voracious learner who’s passionate about their work, so proving that you are genuinely pursuing more knowledge in your are of expertise will doubtlessly suggest to an interviewer that you’re always working to get better and better at what you do.

Showcasing Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is a lot like passion – it’s extremely difficult to teach. Before entering an interview room, think about all of the stories you can possibly remember that involve your ability to solve problems creatively.

In addition to that, be aware of the fact that many questions asked by interviewers will be fired off with the intention of seeing how you might handle problems in a new and creative way.

Most digital marketing is creative in some way, so agencies are well aware of the importance in having a creative team member who can both collaborate and think independently when necessary.

Compliance should not be what you’re trying to showcase here. Instead, you should focus on times that you went outside of your job description to find solutions for a workplace issue or client demand.

Being Prepared With Practical Examples

Digital marketing agencies tend to focus a lot on real world experiences, and they like to hear lots of success stories from candidates. Because of this, you should expect that you’ll be racking your brain to think of stories that show off your ability to handle situations of all kinds.

Knowing your best stories and real-life successes is arguably even more important than having answers prepared for top interview questions, so don’t skip out on this piece of the preparation process.

Think of your biggest failures, successes, team-building moments, and all of the difficulties that you’ve encountered along your way. Your interviewer could ask for many different examples of incredibly varying situations, so it’s best to just take awhile to think over some of the most defining moments in your career and what you did to make the most of them.

Leaning On Tangible Results

Depending on the role that you’re applying for, you may be asked to bring a portfolio with you to your interview. Even if you aren’t, you’ll likely be asked about the impact that you’ve made in prior roles.

Because of this, it’s absolutely critical to have some evidence of tangible results that you’ve generated.


Because digital marketing is all about getting results, and the best team members are the ones that are able to do just this.

In addition to that, consider how a lot of creative work is entirely subjective. Even if an interviewer doesn’t particularly agree with some of the decisions you’ve made throughout your career, you’ll ace your interview by proving to them that the work you do gets results.

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