You’re Way Too Good to Be Making These Interview Mistakes

Finding a job these days is incredibly difficult, even for digital marketers, and nobody would blame you for not landing it on the first try. It takes time and perseverance to find the right fit, because rest assured, there is one out there with your name on it. However, if you find yourself rejected time after time, it can ruin your confidence and your willingness to keep on trying, which is the last thing you should do. More often than not, the problem doesn’t lie within your education, skills, or experience, but in the way you approach the interview. Let’s take a look at some of the things you might be doing during your job interview which are preventing you from landing that dream job.

Being Late for the Interview

Being late for the interview is probably the worst thing you can do. You may think that this is pretty obvious, but it can happen to anyone. There may be a horrible traffic on the freeway, which will prevent you from arriving on time, or you may simply trip and fall. You may try to explain it to the recruiters, but they have heard it all before, even if they believe you, it still demonstrates a lack of respect for the company, recruiters, and the job itself. It’s better to get there even two hours early and have a cup of coffee than to arrive 5 minutes late.

These days, it’s incredibly easy to go online and inform yourself about all the obstacles you might encounter the next day, such as the weather, traffic, and just about anything else, so do your homework.

Not Knowing Enough about the Job or the Company

Now, you may not come across this question too often, but if you do get asked that and you don’t have all the right information, they will hold it against you on your interview. You need to at least have the basic info when it comes to the company you are applying with. Go online and visit their official website or blog, their social media profiles, as well as other content about them which is available online.

The same goes for your role inside the company. In addition to reading the job ad thoroughly, you can also look up people already working for the company on LinkedIn, and check out their profile, as well as their role inside the company in more detail.

You're Way Too Good to Be Making These Interview Mistakes

Not Looking Presentable

There are plenty of jobs out there that require you to adhere to a certain dress code, but even if you are applying for a position which allows you to dress more casually, make sure to look presentable and put together. This means at least wearing clothes which are clean and pressed, and keeping your hair in check. It demonstrates that this job interview matters to you, because you have taken the time to look your best for it.

Talking Too Much

Plenty of job applicants tend to get nervous during the job interview, which leads them to talk just a little bit too much. And it’s perfectly understandable, because you will feel more relaxed, but it may not be the best approach when being interviewed. Try and keep your answers concise and to the point, instead of rambling and presenting the recruiter with your life story, no matter how nice they may seem. Keep your personal matters out of it, and focus on the professional side of things, because that’s what you are there for.

Subpar Communication Skills

Good communication skills can go a long way toward getting you hired, and even though some people might have the knack for it, you can do it too. Keep your posture in check, don’t slump your shoulders, make eye contact, and shake hands with the interviewer. Yes, your skills are what matters the most, but since you will be working with other people and sharing an office with them, the interviewer will evaluate your behavior and your communication skills as well, because they don’t necessarily want to hire someone that might not fit in well with the team, regardless of how stellar their resume is.

You're Way Too Good to Be Making These Interview Mistakes

Saying Bad Things about Your Former Employer

Let’s face it, your previous boss was probably an idiot, otherwise you wouldn’t have left, but there is no need to shout it from the rooftops, or share that information with the interviewer. They will ask you about why you left your old job, but under no circumstances should you badmouth your former employer. First of all, sometimes it’s a small world out there and they may know your former boss, or they might even be friends with them. Second, if you are trying really hard to make your old company look bad, it will only make the interviewer think that you were the problem all along. Try and provide an objective assessment of the situation, without badmouthing anyone in the process.

Focusing on What You Can’t Do

When applying for a new job, there is a very high chance that you won’t meet all the requirements, and that’s perfectly fine. Companies list all the ideal requirements a candidate might have, but if such a candidate doesn’t exist, they are more than willing to consider others. So, when asked about a skill which you don’t have, try and shift the focus toward knowledge or experience you do have, especially if it’s close to the original skill from the ad.

Last Words…

These 7 tips will help you tackle your job interview differently and boost your chance of landing that position you have been after for so long. Good luck!

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